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Industrial Styling: 5 Ways to Incorporate this Interior Design Trend

August 29 2018

Industrial decor occurs where utilitarian design meets raw textures and natural elements. Traditionally seen in lofts and factory floors, this trend has taken a firm hold of our homes, giving them an injection of no-nonsense chic.

Want to introduce the industrial trend into your home?  This is where you start.

Concrete wallpaper

Concrete is a staple of industrial design. It brings a masculine energy to your space but, due to the neutral colour, it won’t bring an overbearing energy. Don’t feel like you are limited to a grey palette either. Spray painted, polished and textured concrete wallpaper options mean you can inject this traditional design element with your own personality.  

Timber accents

Industrial decor is all about getting the most out of the design’s core elements. Weathered wood highlights and timber accents turn basic building blocks into statement pieces. A wooden headboard or unfinished coffee table will bring an authenticity to your space and act as a contrast to the room’s metal & stone motifs.

Exposed brick feature wall

Raw and exposed brick is a pretty rare thing to find in a house these days, but that doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate it as a design feature. Realistic brick print wallpaper offers an affordable and stylish alternative to real brick. It also means you can get adventurous with your application, such as using our Industrial White Brick Wallpaper as a kitchen splashback.

Sleek black decor

Black is a staple colour of the industrial trend, but that isn’t to say you should coat the walls in it. Instead use it as trimming, for example on light fixtures, photo frames, metal furnishings and appliances. This way you can keep the room feeling light and modern with ease.

Grey upholstery

Need to give new life to a beloved grey couch? Make it the centrepiece of your industrial vision. Surround the lounge with black metals, glass and mirrors to create accents and contrasts that keep the eye moving around the room, making your tired old couch feel fresh again.


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