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How to Infuse Warmth into your Interiors

June 20 2018

Creating warmth in your interiors is simpler than you might think. Beating the winter chill doesn’t just mean cozying up by the fire, but adding textures and colours that create a cosy interior design. We’ve compiled a list of our favourite ways to warm up your home this winter that will ensure you don’t compromise on style.

Earthy tones

Terracotta is a perfect colour to add to your home that will instantly create warmth. Vases and cushions are simple and cost effective ways to incorporate this tone into your home this winter. Choosing interior designs that align with the wild west trend will bring a contemporary feel to the terracotta tones.

Navy and white accents

This traditional colour combination is a force to be reckoned with in winter. Instantly creating a luxe feel to your interiors, this colour pairing is ideal for bringing a living room to life. Choose a standout feature, such as a navy sofa, and complement with white interior accents for an on trend winter design. We also can’t go past creating a feature wall that incorporates this on trend colour palette such as our Abstract Blue Watercolour Wallpaper. 

Refresh your cushions and bedding

Cushions and bedding are instantly associated with warmth. Selecting certain colours and textures can enhance the cosy winter feeling in your interior design. Emerald green throw blankets with pale pink, faux fur cushions are the perfect combination for your winter bedding. Alternatively, a monochromatic palette for your cushions and blankets will ensure you’re on trend for winter and create elegance in your space.

Timber accents

Timber in your home will help create warmth. When they’re complemented with the right interior accents, your home will have a stylish, rustic feel. Rustic, timber dining features is a great way to create warmth in your home. Alternatively, a cost effective way to achieve this timber look is by choosing a timber, peel and stick wallpaper design, such as our White Wood Panel Wallpaper.


We hope these tips help infuse your home with warmth and elegance this winter. For help with creating a stellar interior design in your home or for more tips, read our interior design trends blog.