Ingenious Interior Design Trends from Around the World

May 2 2018

Here at Luxe Walls, we want to show you how you can bring the far reaches of the world to your room – literally. Design trends from around the world are filled with innovative ways to enhance your home. It’s a perfect way to hit refresh on your interiors and contemporise your home.

Moroccan Tiles

Taking the world by storm, these tiles are smaller and more versatile in the ways they can be applied to a space. Coming in a multitude of vibrant colours and patterns, these tiles allow for an even greater potential of creativity. Traditionally created by local Moroccan artisans, this decor element still manages to give off a contemporary feel, combining tradition and modern style in the most effortless fashion. The simplest way to incorporate this trend is with our Moroccan tile wallpaper designs. 

Danish Mid-Century Furniture

This up and coming style is reflected in homes through warm and wooden tones, focusing on simple lines rather than overdoing ornamentation. Spurred on by technological advancements and innovation within its time, mid-century furniture is all about functionality as it focuses on the notion of decoratively stripping its pieces back. The art of this trend is in its simplicity. To enhance warmth in your interiors using this trend, add a terracotta wallpaper and bring a modern feel to your interiors. 

English Leather Club Chairs

These chairs undoubtedly infuse masculine sophistication into any space. Spanning from the 1930s, this piece of classic furniture has a timeless effect with its palette of warm brown and orange undertones. Showing off its age and character, stylists recommend matching one of these chairs with neutral furniture of whites and greys to avoid giving your interiors a dated feel.

Turkish Rugs

Ranging in colour and pattern, these rugs are bound to bring a creative accent to any space. Turkish rugs definitely bring an extra element of culture and depth to a room, giving off a layered, travelled look. The best part about turkish rugs is how their wide range of colours can give great versatility yet still be cohesive with almost any colour palette. With these unique traditional textiles, it has never been so easy to breathe new life into a room that may have previously seemed familiar.

Japanese Pop of Green

This up and coming Japanese trend is all about incorporating some greenery into your home, inspired by the Japanese love for nature. By adding some flora into your space, it can give a light and friendly feel that easily relaxes the overall tone of a room. By also endorsing the current major wave of ecological sustainability, plants as a decor element can eliminate any sort of artificiality that may be present in a home.  


Now that you have some worldwide interior tips from the best in the business, hopefully you have gained some inspiration to give your space that extra lift that it needs. New and unique design trends are always being created around the world, so what better way to achieve the best interiors possible than to give your space that worldly touch!