Interior Design Slang From Around The World

March 21 2018

It can be pretty common to be lost for words when walking into an exceptionally designed room – great aesthetics seem to transcend language.

Just like looking into any new profession, it seems as if there is an entire new language to learn. Design is no exception.

When you do get down to talk about interiors, it is important to know the lingo, otherwise it may be easy to get lost.

Here at Luxe Walls, we have collected some slang from around the world to help you understand the previously perplexing words you may have heard in the past, to help you broaden your decorating horizons. It’s time to explore some vocab.

France: Chiner

The French term, Chiner, is a rule many contemporary designers follow when styling a room. It involves looking in many second-hand shops to find the perfect pieces. The word revolves around reusing and reinventing, and decorating in a sustainable and ecological way. Throughout 2017, vintage designs and aesthetics have been majorly on trend. You never know what gem you could find!

United States: Decorina

Decorina, is often used as a pet word for a decorator. One could say, “I see the decorina has been busy today”. Through Luxe Walls wallpaper, you could be your very own decorina!

Italy: Contrived Patina

The design term for character markings on a surface. One could say, “They noticed contrived patina on the table from years of working and eating on it, giving it a ‘lived in’ appeal.”

Britain: Bespoke

Bespoke is known as the British term for custom. It is often a term that is heard surrounding furniture. This means to order a piece of furniture particularly for your measurements and requirements.

France: Avant Garde

An original French term, Avant Garde translates to “on the cusp”, referring to something that is daring and ahead of its time.

France: Toile de Jouy (often referred to as ‘toile’)

A repeated single-coloured pattern depicting intricate scenes, usually of a pastoral theme (such as a couple having a picnic by a lake). Something you could easily have on your wall with our Luxe Walls wallpaper.

France: Vignette

The term Vignette, refers to a collection or grouping of bits and pieces that are purposefully put on display. Often taking advantage of stylish colours, textures and tones, vignettes are frequently tied together by a common theme. Vignettes often add interest and sophistication to your space, and Luxe Walls wallpaper is the perfect backdrop for such arrangements.

Persia: Kilim (from the Persian word “gelīm” meaning “to spread roughly”)

Kilim is a pileless handwoven textile made in Turkey, the Balkans, the Caucasus, Iran, Pakistan and various parts of the Middle East. Traditionally, they feature geometric patterns, with bright colours and symbolic motifs. This iconic tapestry-like style can be featured on your wall through Luxe Walls.

China: Feng Shui

Pronounced ‘Fung Shway’, the term is translated to meaning ‘wind-water’. The word refers to the applied art of achieving balance and harmony in an environment. Space is planned and objects are placed in such a way as to facilitate the free flow of good energy.

France: Chinoiserie

A French term meaning, ‘Chinese-esque’, refers to Chinese inspired designs and textiles. Chinese style and design have been greatly on trend recently, giving your space the sought for blend of old and new in an impressively refreshing way.

Luxe Walls have a great number of Chinese inspired prints, artworks and images to choose from in our widespread gallery, to give your room that extra flare.

Now that you know this new worldwide vocab, it’s time to get designing and impress your fellow decorinas with your brand new styling knowledge!