What’s Hot: Interior Design Trends 2020

October 25 2019

The new year is just around the corner! Alright, it’s not, but it’s never too early to start looking ahead at the trends and styles which are coming to the fore. These can be a great source of inspiration for any redecorating or revamping you intend to do next season. Understanding them is key to creating a space that is both relevant and timeless. To help you find the trend that sits right with you and your walls, we’ve narrowed down ten interior design styles which are set to be trending in 2020.


Image credit @totemroad

This is one of the most significant trends in the creative industries, and it’s only gaining momentum as we move into the new decade. From using alternatives to plastics to designing with recycled or reclaimed materials, consumers and producer alike are shifting their focus into using creativity and design to spread the environmental gospel.

Art Deco

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With its bold simplicity and striking schemes, Art Deco’s brazen aesthetic never seems to go out of style. 2020 is no exception, so get your gold and your stencils ready.


Image credit @tisserand.dakar

One of the continents that the design world is set to find itself obsessed with during the coming year is the bright and colourful universe of Africa. With its fearless use of colour, texture and shape, Africa’s bold patterns inspire and intrigue. From walls to wall hangings and soft furnishings, the warmth and vitality of Africa’s cultures are going to find their place in homes around the world.


Image credit @karup_design

This one is an exciting cultural fusion that will take the design world by storm in 2020. Juxtaposing Japanese and Scandinavian minimalism, Japandi is characterised by calming tones, vibrant accent colours and games of texture. It uses mostly ‘humble’ materials such as rattan, bamboo, untreated wood and natural textiles.


Image credit @ben_sklar

This staple of  Mediterranean design is set to spread its wings and take its place on the international stage in the coming year. The warmth and texture of terracotta create a homely, inviting and natural space infused with timeless beauty.


Image credit @emmanagelkirk

Tiles and tile-illusion walls are definitely making a come-back, with maxi tiles creating striking, sweeping statements and mini tiles forming intricate, detailed patterns.


Image credit @niloseffo

Marble furniture and walls are looking to remain a symbol of class and timeless beauty in the coming year, creating unique, impactful and memorable interiors.

Textured or 3D Wall Surfaces

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Textured walls, furniture or soft furnishings prevent a room from feeling flat and sterile. They bring in warmth, create depth, draw the eye around the room and stimulate the brain. Not to mention that they are much more fun to touch! The trends of 2020 continue to recognise the power of texture to bring a space to life.


Image credit @nickolasgurtler

Combining different metals and metallic accents has been a rising trend in Industrial style interiors. However, it’s branding out into mainstream design as well. From bronze accents to brass light fixtures and copper door handles, a carefully handled metallic interior decor feels both warm and structural.