Interior Styling Tips: The Power of Mirrors

February 21 2018

When it comes to mirrors, these reflective surfaces are an interior designer’s secret weapon. Originally only made for people to see themselves in their reflections, greatly placed mirrors have the ability to do so much more in the interior design world. In fact, it really is astounding the potential a mirror has to transform a space, creating illusions that can affect almost all aspects of a room.

Here at Luxe Walls, we know that mirrors are one of the most influential decorative elements out there, and can always look great with a feature wallpaper. We thought we would give you a few talents that this great decor item has, so you can experiment and try out some of the many things that mirrors have to offer.

To Magnify the Space

Do you have a room that always seems to feel that little bit too cramped? Mirrors are the perfect way to create that extra space you have been craving. Often used to reflect the opposite floors and walls, mirrors easily produce the illusion of depth throughout your space. If you are feeling like your walls don’t seem to have a space for those mirrors, there’s an easy fix! Interior designers are all about combining style and functionality, such as putting mirrors on to cupboards or storage spaces.

To Reflect

Sometimes, we can all get stuck with rooms that have minimal space and light that aren’t always an easy fix. Thanks to the styling power of mirrors, through strategic placement this decorative element gives those nooks and crannies that extra lift by providing that little reflective area of light. A perfect example of this is using mirrors as a splashback in the kitchen – acting like one long window, what is normally a stock standard wall allows you to have conversations with people surrounding the space!

Adding Luxury

Thanks to recent technological advancements, the potential of mirrors has been elevated through the modernised use of implementing colour into the glass. Whether you want silver, grey, bronze or black tones, these stylish hues infuse an elegance and sophistication into any space. With so many people now believing that silver mirrors are a little too contemporary for the more on-trend rustic spaces, these colour options have made the potential of mirrors that much more versatile to give that creative flair.

Creating a Statement

We all know mirrors are especially talented at sneakily hiding or enlarging aspects of a space, but mirrors are also just as effective as a focal point in your room. Whether you want to create architectural curiosity, pick a mirror with patterns or even stun visitors with its sheer size, mirrors can act as a striking point of interest no matter where it is placed. Unlike any other decorative piece, mirrors easily can become the centre of attention to create an accent in any room.

Hopefully from some of our info, it is definitely easy to tell that the possibilities of using mirrors are endless. Whether you are wanting extra light, space, illusions, light or colour, this decor element ticks all those boxes unlike any other decorative piece. If you are someone that wants something multi-purposed in your space, this reflective glass is definitely for you. Combined with our Luxe Walls wallpaper, your statement walls could be a style icon to be reckoned with. Now all that’s left is to decide what stylish illusion you want to try first!