Introducing: Anna Price

September 9 2020


Whether it’s patterns with pops of colour or abstract designs inspired by natural landscapes, Anna Price has a design collection that is diverse, vibrant & most of all, cheerful! 

When Anna was young she’d fall asleep at the table drawing. Right from the start she’s been an avid illustrator and creator, spending hours building elaborate buildings from LEGO and things have only progressed from there.

After school, Anna got herself a degree in Interior Design and for the last decade and a half has been working in Modular Construction as a building designer which is certainly the dream for any kid who loved creating with LEGO.

Behind her work

A variation of things have inspired Anna’s works of art, things such as; her local streets, tropical garden, family’s country property, the cartoons her children watch and the things they draw too – A fusion of inspiration is what you see in Anna’s designs, with so much ingenuity behind each one.

Anna has recently gotten her works represented in the Laurel Street Gallery in Willoughby and is soon to be part of the Toowoomba Grammar Art Show. With such great accomplishments, Anna still cannot believe her designs are now wallpapers. She believes that her designs will suit anywhere with a bare wall due to their versatility.

The Luxe Walls team are happy to be representing such a talented artist and seeing her designs turned into wall coverings. Anna Price and her diverse collection is sure to create a show-stopping feature wall that will turn heads in many homes.