Introducing Bernadette Lopez

September 11 2020

Our homes are our very own safe havens where we hold & store memories. Sometimes that feeling of nostalgia or spark that helps us reminisce can be from familiar patterns, colours or designs that transport us to a moment or a feeling. The wallpaper designs created by Bernadette Lopez, inspired by nature and vintage motifs, are rich & detailed with a modern twist and have the ability to instantly give an interior that ‘cosy’ feeling.


For Bernadette, being creative is a part of who she is. As a child she’d be drawing continuously and using everything she saw as inspiration for a potential picture or piece of art. Her passion to become a designer later on in life stemmed from her later years in high school, leading her to go on to study Graphic Design at Newcastle University.

After University, Bernadette would go on to work in various agencies around the world, being located in Sydney, London and Sao Paulo with a strong focus on Marketing and Corporate Design. A little later on, Bernadette would change to become a freelancer where she developed into a Surface Pattern Designer.

Behind her designs

Bernadette says she is mostly inspired by what is around her, this includes, her travels and experiences, looking at current trends and of course seasonal plants and flowers. Nature then is another source of inspiration for Bernadette and can be seen when it comes to her pattern designs, most of which include floral and leaf motifs somewhere within them. Vintage wallpaper can be seen as another inspiration for Bernadette since she loves the richness and how intricate the designs can be.  

Having designs become wallpapers is a big deal and Bernadette cherishes the fact that her own pattern designs are part of creating a homely feel inside a beautiful home, creative workspace or just simply adding a little extra touch to a room that someone loves. 

At Luxe Walls we’re privileged to have such an experienced Featured Artist in Bernadette Lopez and are looking forward to seeing what the future holds for her amazing pattern designs.