Introducing Our Happiness Guarantee

October 4 2017

Here at Luxe Walls, we understand that renovating a room can sometimes feel a tad overwhelming. Particularly when it comes to redoing entire walls, it can seem like a big commitment. You never really know what something is going to look like until your entire interior is complete, which is why, for the month of October, Luxe Walls has introduced what we’re calling our ‘Happiness Guarantee’.

Our Happiness Guarantee promises that if you’re not 100% happy with your choice of wallpaper, we will replace at half price!

We’ve introduced this new guarantee so that our customers can choose an initial design without the pressure of getting it perfect the first time round. There’s nothing than the dread you feel as a new room comes together and doesn’t look just how you wanted.

Our Happiness Guarantee is the perfect solution for those who are a little nervous about their commitment to their original design choice.

Here are the details you need to know…

  • Please notify us within 30 days of purchase if you are not happy with your initial choice.
  • Valid for all purchases between 1st October and 31st October.
  • Your replacement wallpaper will be printed to the same wall measurements given for your initial order.
  • Your replacement wallpaper will be dispatched to the same address given for your initial order.
  • We do not require you to return your initial wallpaper, however freight cost for your replacement wallpaper will be charged.
  • Email to claim your guarantee.

And of course, if you’re still unsure, remember that Luxe Walls also now offers additional Design Services.

Both our classic design service and premium design service are ideal if you’re new to interior styling, or simply want to run your ideas by an expert. What’s more? They’re currently on sale, starting at just $14.50.

These affordable options will help refine your design concepts, ensuring your interiors achieve your dream look.

If you’ve got questions about our Happiness Guarantee or any of our Luxe Walls designs, simply get in touch here, or hop onto our live chat.