Introducing Kalyani – Enprint

October 20 2020

The use of colour on wallpaper is very important and is often used to change the mood of an individual and bring happiness. This is the philosophy of Kalyani who is one of our Featured Artists, and it is clearly displayed throughout her entire Collection here at Featured Artists.

About Kalyani

Kalyani’s passion for art and design originated from the colour and heritage in which she was surrounded by in her home country of India. Colours are something she loves utilising in any space available. Both colour and the environment motivated Kalyani to create prints in an attempt to turn her dreams into a reality.

To pursue her passion in art Kalyani went to Banasthali University in Rajasthan, India, which was where she studied Textile Design. The city itself is full of colours, art and heritage which inspired her to explore the avenue of textiles more, so she went on to complete a Masters Degree in Textile Management at SVPISTM in Coimbatore, India. Coimbatore is famous for its woven art and textile design. All these experiences helped in creating Kalyani’s brand; Enprint.

Behind her designs

Kalyani’s surroundings and the universe are what she looks at for inspiration to create an artwork. She always tells people to just “look around” since the world is already such a gorgeous place and full of various elements that inspire a variety of ideas. Doing this allows Kalyani to better process her thoughts and imagination and bring them into reality.

Being given maximum space to explore art through wallpaper has given Kalyani a chance to tell more stories on a larger scale. She’d love to see her wallpapers in lounge/living rooms or even in that special place in a home where an individual spends their leisure time.

Kalyani believes that skill and art come with passion and practice. This motivates her to be more creative and think big, one day she’d love for her brand Enprint to be something found worldwide and a brand that people can connect with. 

We are proud to be supporting Kalyani’s vision by showcasing her designs on our wallpapers here at Luxe Walls.