Introducing: Kate Schick

September 28 2020

Travel inspires great artistic minds to create. Our Katie Schick Collection is living proof that travel and life experiences help to enrich designs – giving some life to our wallpaper.

About Kate

Katie is an Illustrator and Surface Designer from Scotland, currently living and working in Texas, USA. For Kate, it all began with her mother always encouraging her to pursue art as a career. After finishing school she went on to study Fine Art at Grays School of Art in Aberdeen, Scotland before moving to the United States. After moving she studied Art History and European languages at Old Dominion University in Virginia. 

Since then Katie has spent the past 25 years working in the Equine Art Field for a company she founded – Tuscany Studios. However In late 2019/early 2020, Katie was in need of a change and had a desire to expand on her digital/graphic design knowledge, so she entered the enchanting world of pattern design and illustration.

Behind her work

Inspiration for Katie comes largely from her travels. After school, Katie travelled extensively throughout Europe – spending time in Italy, France and living/working for a time on the Greek island of Santorini. She has vivid memories of the faded ornate quality of Italian interiors, the rain-drenched streets of Paris in April, and the setting sun reflected on the whitewashed walls of Oia, Santorini – All of which have some impact on her innovative designs.

When first looking into Surface Pattern Design, Katie was more attracted to working in the home decor field rather than the fashion textile industry. When Katie was younger, she did quite a bit of hand paint mural work and suppose that the next logical step was wallpaper. Katie’s designs are perfect for any wall around the house that is needing some visual interest and colour – “No more beige walls!” says Katie.

Katie is currently working on completing her full portfolio and website this year, with the aim to start her own company – Katie J Designs – in 2021. Luxe Walls are delighted to have Katie Schick and her Collection of unique and tasteful designs onboard and are looking forward to the future with this collaboration.