Introducing Kirsten Katz

October 13 2020

Inspiration often comes from what is around us all the time, and with an abundance of inspiration, you get variety. Looking at Kirsten Katz Wallpaper Collection you’ll find plenty of variety, with her wonderful nature-inspired patterns and designs that make for fantastic wallpapers.

For an early age Kirsten was surrounded by artists in her family; musicians, dancers, actors and artists – solidifying her artistic future. Kirsten would go on to find out that art did indeed come naturally to her and it was something she enjoyed.

For the past 30 years Kirsten has operated a jewellery design business, but constantly on her mind, since she was very young, was her love for fashion design and textiles. In her more recent years, Kirsten had made a career change, she studied textile and print design at The Fashion Design Studio in Sydney. Whilst studying she discovered her love for pattern design, so decided to pursue surface design as a career. In 2012 she opened up her own design studio in Sydney and from there has exhibited her work in New York on two separate occasions in 2018 and 2019. Kirsten licenses her art and designs on fabrics, greeting cards, home decor, bedding and now wallpaper. 

One of Kirsten’s big goals was to see her designs printed on wallpaper, she believes that her design style lends itself well to home decor and interior decorating. It’s safe to say Kirsten is thrilled to have her designs being used on wallpaper here at Luxe Walls.

Inspiration for Kirsten comes directly from the beautiful nature she sees all around Australia and specifically the beauty she finds in flowers, describing her art as Modern Botanical. Kirsten is known for creating art with modern Australia flora, stylised botanicals and vibrant colour palettes, her work is very much a reflection of what she likes; the colours, the flowers and the overall look. 

Kirsten has created wallpaper designs that are suitable for many rooms in your home, such as; living rooms, dining rooms, hallways, feature walls, entertaining areas and bedrooms. Her Collection is designed to be mixed and matched, making them ideal to flow from one room to another.

Here at Luxe Walls we are excited to have Kirsten Katz onboard as one of our Featured Artists with her inspired Collection. We look forward to seeing what Kirsten has in store for everyone next!