Introducing Stacey Bigg

September 17 2020

The tropical trend has been with us for some time now and thankfully for all of us it doesn’t look like there is an end in sight! If you were looking for some electric botanical prints to drool over, look no further than some of the designs from one of our newest featured artists, Stacey Bigg.


Stacey is someone who’s always loved drawing and adding her own creative touch on projects, watching her Mother draw and colour as she was a child made it almost impossible to resist the passion. 

However at University Stacey studied Creative Industries, not knowing at the time where she wanted to go professionally and unaware that design was calling out her name. 

It wasn’t until 2016 that Stacey found Instagram which ended up being the avenue that reignited her love of drawing and painting. Before long Stacey was designing for swimwear, activewear, wedding cakes and the like – she was totally hooked!

Stacey in her spare time away from her part-time career in administration and when not managing her family would watch Youtube tutorials and Skillshare videos to keep her passion for design thriving. Self-teaching had led Stacey to create Kalaii Creations which is an avenue for her custom design and illustration work, designing for fabric, portraits, social media and much more, including for right here at Luxe Walls!

Behind her designs

By looking at Stacey’s designs it’s clear that a tropical design style is her signature, but of course it doesn’t just stop there, her designs are very versatile, bold and timeless making them perfect for feature walls around a home, an office or even a cafe. 

Ever since getting back on the design scene in 2016 Stacey has strived for her designs to be featured on wallpaper and wasn’t going to give up without this idea coming to fruition. To Stacey it’s always been very important for her to show her children that anything is really possible if you put in the work. 

Putting in the hardwork has Stacey a spot in; ‘Pattern Pulse’, which is a book showcasing Australia’s Top 100 Surface Design Talents!  

Luxe Walls is very proud to have Stacey on board as a talented creative and we can’t wait to see what she has in store next!