Introducing Susi Mclean

October 23 2020

Finding a wallpaper that ticks off all the essential boxes is tricky, often something vibrant, tasteful and abstract is favoured for its versatility. Vibrant, tasteful and abstract is exactly what you’ll find in our Susi McLean Wallpaper range – amongst all the excellent designs you are bound to find something to suit your home’s unique style.

About Susi

Growing up in Scotland, Susi found that her love for art started in High School, fuelled by a really passionate art teacher. Her teacher exposed her to various forms of art and not just the standard drawing and painting. The things Susi learnt from her teacher still inspire her today when she is feeling a little unmotivated. In her final year, Susi wound up enamelling copper and making jewellery, loving the creative process and getting to have a product at the end made it extra special.

Rainbow Scallops Wallpaper

Behind her work

After High School, Susi went on to study Textile Design (specialising in Knitted Textiles) at Gray’s School of Art in Scotland. From there, Susi came over to Brisbane, Australia which is where she has been working the past 10 years as a Print and Textile Designer. A lot of the time with her own designs, Susi is influenced by what she’s been doing at work, but interprets the trends in a much less commercial way, a way that is more personal to her and her taste. 

Feather Stripes Wallpaper

Working with fabrics, Susi had never really imagined her designs being used for wallpapers. Now that it’s happening though, she really loves the idea of her work being showcased on a much grander scale. Susi believes her wallpapers are suitable for a variety of rooms, saying that different designs and colours will work better in different areas of a home.

At the beginning of 2020, Susi bought a “Goals Diary” which had a collaboration listed as a long team goal of hers. Luxe Walls is honoured to have been able to tick that goal off of Susi’s list. 

We are very keen to see what Susi McLean has in store next for her Luxe Walls Collection.

Meadow Dance Wallpaper