Introducing Tannia Taranto

October 28 2020

Being influenced by various forms of art can lead to some very unique and outstanding artwork. Tannia Taranto’s Collection for Luxe Walls exuberates passion through its abstract design style. For those wanting to make a unique statement, look no further. These are the wallpapers for you!

It all began in Secondary College where Tannia studied both Photography and Graphic Design, but it was actually in Art History that she discovered the Impressionist Movement – a topic she really connected with. Works from impressionists such as Pierre-Auguste Renoir changed the way she looked at light and shadows on the female figure. She then studied life drawing for a while and continued to focus on figurative and portrait art in her later years.

Tannia went straight into the workforce as a Graphic Artist for a television animation company, so a lot of what Tannia has learnt in her creative journey is self-taught. Tannia spent many years using digital design and editing software while her passion for the traditional arts still remained on her mind. After having her family she started to design custom hand made jewellery and jointly owned a boutique business called TIAAR. Designs for her collections were inspired by fashion, texture and form. 

Tannia’s art is extremely diverse and is inspired by so many elements that she sees. Her figurative and portrait work is quite detailed as she’s inspired by contemporary dance, underwater movement, nude photography and fashion – capturing the empowerment and emotion of female form. In contrast, Tannia’s abstract work is less detailed and has a natural and free-flowing aesthetic inspired by architectural forms, shapes and textures which she is passionate about and has constantly explored.

Seeing her artwork larger than life in the form of wallpaper is a dream come true for Tannia. The scale that can be produced and the impact the designs can create in a room is exciting. Knowing that her artwork will de be displayed in homes and commercial spaces is the ultimate feel-good moment for Tannia.

Tannia herself has a few things still to come this year outside of Luxe Walls, one with a foundation very dear to her – CATA (Creative Art Therapy Australia) who positively empower and impact the lives of people braving trauma. For the other, she will also be participating in an online group exhibition in November with TAM (Thou Art Mum) a network of female artists in North-East Melbourne of which Tannia is an active member of. Luxe Walls is proud to have Tannia Taranto onboard as a Featured Artist going forward and is excited to see what is to come next with our collaboration.