Introducing Tanya Freitas

October 1 2020
Tanya Freitas

Trying to decide on a wallpaper design is not easy. With endless options at our disposal, it’s easy to sit on Pinterest for hours until you are more lost than when you began! One of the most challenging aspects is finding a design that will stand the test of time. Lucky for you Tanya Freitas’ wallpaper collection will give you something with lasting quality that you’ll enjoy day after day – Bold, colourful and timeless is the perfect descriptor for her designs.


From an early age, Tanya has been drawn to creative tasks. It was in high school that Tanya finally discovered that she could actually build a career out of her creative work. After school, Tanya went on to study a degree in Textile Design in Melbourne, and from there has progressed to doing in-house design jobs and also started up Wild Coral Design just four years ago.

Behind her work

Tanya’s inspiration comes from both nature and art history. In particular. natures abundance of inspiring traits and art history for its display of amazing skill shown by the artists and designers that give Tanya endless motivation.

A home bug herself, Tanya’s dream is for her wallpapers to transform the interiors of others from a house to a home & giving them a cosy space where they can feel comfortable.

In addition to introducing wallpaper to her repertoire, Tanya is also excelling in other creative departments, hoping for a collaboration with a ceramics company in the near future and has also recently signed on with a Print Collective in the United States, designing for the womenswear, swimwear and sleepwear market.

However, designing wallpapers has always been on Tanya’s wishlist and has now become a reality with Luxe Walls who are honoured to have Tanya Freitas onboard as a very talented Featured Artist.