IPWEAQ: Concrete Dreams

May 20 2021

IPWEAQ, the Institute of Public Works Engineering Australasia, moved into a new office space last May, and this space is much larger than their previous offices! It’s worthy of the great work this institute performs throughout Queensland. The client wanted the looks to match both the scale of the space and the scale of their public service goals, so this is where we come in! 

The Challenge

Large spaces can be so tricky to decorate. It’s easy for decorative elements to get lost, for the room to feel empty or cold, and for the space to seem overwhelming. Luckily, at Luxe Walls, we’ve got a creative solution to every problem! 

Feature walls are a fantastic way to create a focal point in large, open spaces. They draw the eye and build a sense of gravity and pull towards a specific area. This makes large spaces feel cosier and more focused, less overwhelming. They’re also perfect for injecting personality and branding into a room without being overpowering! We wallpapered two feature walls in the foyer to add character and depth. 

The Product

We chose to use our Luxe Crushed Stone wallpapers for this install. This material offers excellent texture and depth, so it’s ideal for large spaces that need a little more spice to add interest and focus. It’s also highly durable and very low maintenance. While it can be repositioned when installing, we don’t recommend reapplying it once installed. However, it’s sure to stay up on those walls through thick and thin!

The Result 

The client couldn’t be happier with the result, and neither could we! The reception area feels sleek and modern yet packed with personality and character. It’s a space where you know you’ll be looked after by the best of the best.