Kids Interior Design Styling Trends for 2018

January 31 2018

It is no secret that children spend a lot of time in their bedroom. From playing, to working, to sleeping, a kid’s space becomes a reflection of their growing personalities. Here at Luxe Walls, we acknowledge that a child’s room must be as fun, bold and playful as your little one, but it can also be difficult creating a room for someone who grows so quickly before your eyes!

With every parent’s goal being to create a welcoming, cosy nest for their child to come home to, the perfect kid’s room is all about becoming the right combination of stylish, fun and practical. Keeping all this in mind, the styling trends for the kids of 2018 with the help of Luxe Walls wallpaper make it easy to release your inner child, creating a space that encourages development and curiosity.

Kids’ rooms are all about making a functional space that screams a child’s personality, that they can also love and grow with over the years with minimal changes. The key to maintaining such a transitional space is using a style that won’t overpower the room, often seen through limited monochrome palettes. Going into 2018, monochrome is majorly on trend – making it all about balancing tones, textures and contrasting prints. This contained medley allows for a balance that creates a timeless, adjustable space.

It is through the use of monochrome with a dash of personality, that 2018 kids’ styles are majorly getting their inspiration from Scandinavian interior twists. Renowned for its simplicity, utility and beauty, this style perfectly embodies what contemporary kids’ rooms are all about. The style revolves around monochrome palettes with accenting features, such as colour or commonly used timber and geometric patterns.

Scandinavian chic has inspired us with truly stunning interiors but are also bringing innovative, exciting and super cool decor ideas and styles that turns the decor process to a truly fun one.

By not having a theme through using a controlled combination of hues that complement each other, adding playful pops of colour and decorative touches easily display the personality that children crave; providing details and warmth. Adding these accents of individuality with the monochrome limitation, allows for calm, clean, longevity as the child grows up despite age.

Luxe Walls wallpaper is perfect for creating this burst of charisma. With countless patterns, art, images and huge prints to choose from, our wallpaper is perfect for creating interest and excitement, frequently making a room.

As we also understand a child’s style and identity can change as they grow older, our custom removable wallpaper takes the commitment out of your choice, making the space more interesting whilst not restricting the room to one coordinated look. Potentially becoming the focal point of the space depending on your selection of prints, our wallpapers can make an ordinary interior come alive; making just the right statement and flare that creatively emphasises the rest of the decor around the room.

Here at Luxe Walls, your only limitation is your kids’ imagination!