Little Lon Distilling Co.: Vintage Luxe

May 20 2021

Melbourne has always been an exciting city, and Little Lonsdale was one of Melbourne’s most notorious and exciting corners throughout the 1850s. Frequented by the debauched and decadent, its colourful past is equal only to the colourful characters who made it their own. 

Today, the Litte Lon Distilling Co. still stands in the last remaining single story cottage in Melbourne’s CBD. A craft gin distillery and cocktail bar with a difference, Little Lon is a unique space that transports patrons and staff alike back to the heady atmosphere of days gone by. 

So naturally, when they reached out to Luxe Walls for help re-designing their vintage feel, we said yes! It’s always an honour to work with true Australian cultural icons. We love immersing ourselves in the traditions and locations that have built the world we know today. 

The Challenge

This small and quirky space is heritage listed, which comes with a long list of challenges and obstacles when it comes to refurbishment. Our team are more than up to the task, though! With diligence and creativity, we helped the client customise their ideal vintage print and had it up on their walls in no time. 

The Product

We chose to use the Luxe Canvas wallpaper featuring a customised traditional filigree, which we worked on with the client. Luxe Canvas is our most versatile and ‘easy-up, easy-down’ material, so the transformation was quick and breathtaking. 

The Result

The space went from a plain heritage room to an immersive vintage experience. The bar feels homely and magical, and we didn’t want to leave once it was finished! Stepping into the Little Lon Distilling Co. is like stepping back in time.