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Luxe Walls Advice: How To Make a Moodboard

November 22 2017

Today on the Luxe Walls blog, we want to tell you all about how to make a moodboard. Moodboards are an essential stepping stone in the renovation and redecorating processes, and here’s why…

At Luxe Walls, we’re all to familiar with feeling overwhelmed when it comes to starting a new renovation project. There are so many things to consider: existing decor, current trends, budget, scale, lifestyle and practicality…

Often our clients come to us with these concerns. How can they make sure their aesthetic is right for their chosen room? And the overall look of their home?

That’s where knowing how to make a moodboard comes in.

What is a moodboard?

So first things first – what is a moodboard? A moodboard is a collection or arrangement of images, colours, materials, snippets of text etc. which aims to help someone envisage a certain style or concept.

Moodboards are used in all different types of creative fields, but most commonly in fashion and interior design.

Knowing how to make a moodboard can help you picture the entire aesthetic of your interior before you even begin your project.

What are the best moodboard tools?

Here at Luxe Walls, we’re lucky enough to have in-house designers put together our moodboards for our various projects. In fact, if you’re not sure where to start with your next decorating project, you may want to check out our Design Services!

However, if you’re feeling confident on the DIY front, there are three tools we generally recommend…

Canva – Canva is a free graphic design app that has moodboard templates available for you to use! Simply upload the images and colours that you like, and you’ll be able to make a professional looking moodboard in no time!

Design It Yourself – Design It Yourself is the new kid on the block. It’s an app that brings a range of brand and products together for the customer to drag and drop into their interior. It allows the customer to see the big picture of their design concept, and play with bolder, bigger ideas.

Old fashioned scrapbooking – The good old fashioned art of scrapbooking is essentially where moodboards originated from. If you’re sick of staring at a screen, and you live for the high end glossies, then cutting and pasting onto actual paper might just be for you!

How to make a moodboard – final tips

  1. Pick a hero piece (like a wallpaper feature!) and choose complementary pieces and colours as a good starting point.
  2. Do more than one! We recommend making 3-5 moodboards and picking your favourite.
  3. Experiment with textures (this is where the scrapbooking method comes in handy!). Remember Luxe Walls wallpapers come in 3 beautiful textures: Luxe Canvas, Luxe Linen and Luxe Crushed Stone. Order a free sample pack here!
  4. Get a second opinion. Or third. Show your moodboard to your design savvy friends, gauge their reactions and rework your moodboard accordingly!
  5. Have fun! Remember, this is the creative, enjoyable part of the process, so make the most of it!


Don’t forget! Luxe Walls offers two different design services, which are perfect for those who aren’t quite ready to delve into DIY just yet.