Luxe Walls Showcase: Interior Motives

June 21 2017

Earlier this month, talented Tasmanian stylist, Amanda Lee from Interior Motives revamped her daughter’s bedroom with our Floral Watercolour Wallpaper. What was previously a blank white wall was soon transformed into a tranquil botanical masterpiece.


After the room transformation…


“As soon as I saw this product up close and saw the quality of the canvas wallpaper I became super excited to get started. And best of all Luxe Canvas is a self-adhesive, removable, reusable and repositionable Wallpaper – Perfect for renters, or refreshing a room”

As you can see in the photo below, our Luxe Walls panels come in a large tube, which is easily unpacked and ready to install…



Once the first panel is hung, and you’re happy with its placement, it’s much quicker and simpler to line up and apply the following panels of wallpaper.


Before the installation was complete…


“The wallpaper took around 1 hour to hang, we took our time re positioning the first panel to make sure it was level and going to create a good base for the rest of the wall… Once that first panel was up the others were hung much quicker. Plus we kept stopping to take photo’s & videos along the way… So I’d imagine the whole process could be done in even less time.”



Amanda did a wonderful job of ensuring that the crucial first panel was level and even. It’s important that this step is perfected, otherwise the following panels may become uneven and misaligned.

A pro tip from Amanda: Make sure the wallpaper is matching at eye level, people are less likely to look up near the ceiling or down at the skirting once it’s all complete.



Amanda’s hubby applies the final panel…



Here’s a little snippet we borrowed from Amanda herself: “I just love this wallpaper” These are the words I kept saying as we installed our canvas wallpaper from Luxe Walls. As soon as I pulled the panels out of the tube, I used those words…as we easily re positioned the first panel to get it just right, I said those words….as I effortlessly smoothed air bubbles from the wallpaper,  I said those words… I just LOVE this wallpaper!”

You can read the official Interior Motives post here, and see a huge range of gorgeous photos as well as installation and trimming videos.

If you want to revamp one of your rooms with a Luxe Walls’ botanical print, check out our collection here.

Note: All images throughout this post courtesy of Interior Motives.