Luxe Walls Showcase: Three Birds Caravan Renovation

August 9 2017

Bonnie Hindmarsh, Lana Taylor and Erin Cayless of Three Birds Renovations are renowned for their innovative ideas and chic styling… Their latest venture is no exception.

The Three Birds’ 7th renovation was an ambitious undertaking – the exterior and interior of a rundown riverside caravan to be transformed within the space of a single episode…

Looking at the final result, you would have no idea that the space was once a tired, cramped old caravan.

We’re more than thrilled that Three Birds chose Luxe Walls as their statement product for the sleeping quarters of the renovation. The design they used is the ever-popular ‘Watercolour Strelitzia Wallpaper‘ which features intricate detailing and rich dark hues.

Check out the episode in full below, where you can see Luxe Walls Wallpaper being installed.

We absolutely love the innovative idea of installing wallpaper not just on the walls, but on the ceiling as well for maximum visual impact.

Floral and watercolour wallpapers have seen a significant increase in popularity in recent months. Luckily, Luxe Walls has a complete range of these designs, with something for just about every look.

“I’m in love… This moment right here is why I love my job. It’s when things become pretty… I can’t remember a space that I’ve enjoyed being in so much…” says Bonnie.

We couldn’t agree more. The colour palette used is simply divine. We love how the statement bedhead picks up on the blush tones within the wallpaper, and the velvet cushion accents the greens.

From the response this episode has received, we know we’re not alone in our admiration for this breathtaking interior.

Want to get the complete look? Click here for a full list of products and brands.

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All images courtesy of Three Birds Renovations.