Make a Statement with these Wallpapers

February 28 2022

A beautiful piece of Aboriginal Art with colours and designs that take you on a journey. Named the Aboriginal Child, it’s splashes of bright colour that are abstract yet balanced hints to a child-like mind, full of fun and hope. This wallpaper is versatile and can be used in a commercial space or at home in the bedroom, dining, or playroom. It’s a design that your guests will never forget.

Adding balance and structure to any room, this Turkish mandala wallpaper instantly transports you to Turkey. A country rich in art, food and culture. With the subtle undertones of colour and the symmetric designs, this beautiful cultural pattern will be a statement piece. It can be used in an office, kitchen or dining room to add character or as a beautiful backdrop.

Go retro with this beautiful and bright wallpaper. It adds charm to any room by instantly elevating it with its pastel yet bold choices of colour. The round design adds character and depth that can be paired with self-coloured or wooden furniture. You can even use décor in the same colour tones to further elevate the room.

This magical depiction of flowers will transport you into a dreamlike wonderland. The bright colours create a unique look and depth that brings the artwork to life. This is perfect for a bedroom to create a beautiful atmosphere. It can also be used in the dining or lounge room as a feature wall. Noor meaning light is a fitting name for this wallpaper where the flora look lit up and glowing.

Flowers and birds are a beautiful match that instantly makes you feel relaxed and reminded of the calming outdoors maybe even a sweet bird song. This wallpaper creates a folk style in your space. It can be used to create a vintage feel paired with furniture and décor from the era, or a more sophisticated feel with minimal decor or white furniture. This delicate design and white background makes it the perfect wallpaper for someone who wants a feature wall that is not too bold.