Zen Lilly Wallpaper

How to Make Your Space More Zen

August 22 2018

Modern life may be becoming busier and faster, but when it comes to your home life, zen is everything. Getting this right will ensure that the hustle and bustle remains outside the door and mindfulness feels right at home. How do you turn your place into zen oasis? Start right here.

The entrance

An inviting entrance to your home will help you shake off the stress of the outside world the moment you step inside. Cultivate this environment with a beautiful feature wall, like our Zen Lilly Wallpaper, and keep your entryway clutter free – that’s no shoes, no jackets and no bags!

Keep it minimal

Negative space can work wonders on your peace of mind. If you’re feeling a room is too busy, give it a makeover that includes low furnishings. This strategic design gives a room breathing space while remaining cosy and comfortable. Remember, minimal doesn’t mean boring. Highlight your negative space with a wallpaper accent wall for extra personality.   

Calming hues

Introduce soft blues, organic greens and tones that simulate nature to your home and watch as a peaceful ambience is created. Rugs and pillows are a great way to give these colours a warming presence in any room, while a wallpaper accent wall will add big personality easily.


The key to a zen oasis is decluttering and a simple way to do this is with creative storage ideas. Opt for multi-functional storage that can be hidden away, like a lounge with hidden storage. A bed with drawers underneath is another great way to remove clutter and keep your bedroom simple and stress free. It’s so important for your bedroom to be a clutter free zone as this is the one room you definitely need to relax in.


This is just a start to all the ways you can up the zen decor to your home. See your newest wallpaper designs and see how easily you can DIY some piece of mind.