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Marble Styling: 6 Ways to Incorporate Marble into your Interiors

July 18 2018

Throughout history marble has been a favourite amongst interior designers. Marble can conjure thoughts of huge kitchen slabs and lavish bathroom tiles, but current trends see it being utilised in a more minimal fashion. Elegance over opulence is the motto.

From marble wallpaper to candle holders, see how you can embrace the sophistication of marble design in your home today.

Coffee table

A coffee table made from an enormous marble slab certainly looks luxe, but it’s hardly subtle. You can achieve the same effect with a table that combines a marble top with a base of wood or brushed metallics.


Feature walls

Dedicating an entire wall to marble offers instant elegance in any space and can make your interior decorating project feel effortless. With a White Carrara Marble Wallpaper or Green Marble Wallpaper feature wall as the statement design feature, you can complete a room simply with wood, copper or leather elements.  

In the frame

A marble print is a great option if a statement furniture piece is out of your budget. Many modern art prints take advantage of the material’s strong aesthetic qualities, resulting in an effortlessly eye catching item for your home.

All the trimming

Marble is perfect for adding sophistication to your more subtle design elements. Candle holders, coasters, vases and decorative bowls become accent pieces when given the marble treatment.  

Pillows and blankets

Elevate pillows and blankets from simple lounge or bedroom staples to trending decor with marble. This way you can create an elegant yet cosy ambience in your interiors.

Kitchen splashback

A splashback offers beauty and practicality in one. As a non-porous material, you won’t have to stress about liquid being absorbed into the stone. Simply wipe it away and your kitchen can go back to looking beautiful. If you don’t want to splash out on a marble tile, use our marble wallpaper as your kitchen splashback.  


Choosing marble wallpaper gives you an array of options to fulfil your luxury design vision. Choose a wall and let’s get to work!