Marvelous Marble Wallpapers to Liven up your Space!

February 28 2022

There’s nothing quite like marble, it gives a look and feel that is hard to replicate. When we think of marble we instantly think of grandeur and sophistication with historic buildings and works of art popping into mind. Marble is an expensive and time-consuming material. That’s why we have put together some marble wallpapers that will help you get the same beautiful look without the hassle!

This wallpaper is aptly name Dramatic Ambience. That’s just what it will do, it will take your room to the next level adding a sophisticated ambience and a dramatic feel that leaves the space hard to forget. The blue hues and speckles complement each other creating a work of art that looks like it belongs in a Roman museum. This look can be paired with furniture to accentuate that mood or can be toned down with modern furniture.

Natural Onyx Marble Wallpaper boats the perfect balance of simple and intricate. The natural toned wallpaper creates a beautiful backdrop that allows you the versatility to change the look of the room by changing the furniture or décor. The honey veins and gradients of colour seeping through leaves a classy impression that is hard to forget.

Create a modern vibe with this faux Abstract Marble Wallpaper. The subtle colours help create depth in any interior, while at the same time providing the space with a classy element. The texture and depth are perfect for a powder room, a statement wall in your bedroom, a point of interest to your dining room.

Add a statement piece to your walls with our Green and White Marble Wallpaper. This dramatic and bold wallpaper is a great feature wall for a kitchen, bathroom or dining. The abstract design leaves this wallpaper open to interpretation, it resembles crashing waves in the sea or a part of the earth from space, it can be whatever you imagine!

Light up the room with this fire opal stone wallpaper which brings a modern aesthetic to any space. The bright and bold colours and design makes it perfect for a feature wall at home or for your office. This can be toned down with white furniture or you can mismatch furniture to create a 80s retro feel. The choice is completely up to you!