black and white wallpaper

Minimalist Styling: Simple Yet so Effective

September 26 2018

We know how easy it is to get caught up in a new DIY design project. Your Pinterest board can be full of inspiration and you want to throw them all at the wall at once. However, when it comes to minimalism, you’ll need to pump the brakes. Minimalist decor is all about restraint, negative space and getting the most out of the essentials. Read on to see how you can achieve this look for your home.

Black and white wallpaper

Want your space to exude elegance? Start with black and white wallpaper. A monochrome statement wall is always a classy look and will never look out of date. To complement your classic feature wall you can frame your chairs, tables and style pieces in black, contrasted against white upholstery. Choosing a removable wallpaper means you can switch up the pattern to what’s trending without having to redesign the entire room.

Create a focal point

Less is more when it comes to minimal decor. Creating a visual balance means playing with negative space and select statement pieces. A metallic base lamp can bring some industrial flavour to your minimal look room, especially if it’s surrounded by a different coloured wall. You can even choose a textural feature wall as your focal point and tone down your styling easily around the wall. Choose your room decor with care because it will have a strong presence on its own.  

Neutral colours

Keeping colours subdued and subtle is another critical factor to great minimal designs. Bone and beige hues offer a calming effect without feeling cold like shades of blue can. Speaking of warmth, choosing the right lighting is essential. LED lights in an ecru-covered room will feel stark, so select warmer yellow lighting options.


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