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Modern Wallpaper Options For A Stylish Home

July 26 2017

The idea of what constitutes modern styling changes as regularly as the seasons, and when it comes to modern wallpaper, the developments in trends are no different. At Luxe Walls, we’re passionate about ensuring that the hottest trends, styles and aesthetics are always available to our clients.

In recent years, specific modern wallpaper looks have been on the rise, and continue to increase in popularity as fashions come and go. The modern wallpapers that are here to stay revolve around three main themes: geometric wallpaper, stripes wallpaper and black and white wallpaper. There’s something about each of these looks that offer home decorators a sense of timeless style.

So let’s explore these decor themes a little further…

1. Geometric Wallpaper

One type of modern wallpaper that our stylists and clients are choosing time and time again is geometric wallpaper. There’s an incredible degree of versatility with this style of wallpaper, and its completely up to the decorator as to how they utilise this.

The beauty of geometric wallpaper is that the decorator has the option to go for a subtle, understated look. This is a popular aesthetic among our stylist and interior decorator clients, in particular, our Abstract Linear Wallpaper is flying off the virtual shelves. With whites and cool shades of grey geometric can add an understated elegance to any space.

But let’s get back to its versatile nature – geometric design also has the potential to be bold and captivating, the perfect combination for a statement feature wall. If you’re looking to make a daring first impression, you could opt for a more vibrantly coloured and intricately patterned design. These types of designs work best on large living room walls, or even in the entrance way to your home.

2. Stripes Wallpaper

If there’s one print that’s yet to go out of style it’s stripes. Whether they’re vertical, horizontal or diagonal – the possibilities when it comes to stripes wallpaper are endless. We’re seeing plenty of unique looks emerging from stylists who’ve opted to apply modern wallpaper to half a wall rather than from floor to ceiling. The result is a on-trend aesthetic, and also a more cost-effective solution for renovators.

Check out our featured image above to see styling from Felicity of Mint Interior Design.

Stripes both in the fashion and interior industries have been a popular trend for decades, lending an air of sophistication and French-inspired chic.

3. Black and White Wallpaper

When it comes to modern wallpaper, another design that never goes out of style is black and white wallpaper, also known as monochrome. Black and white is a timeless style that has been gracing the catwalk and on-trend interiors for decades.

Using monochrome for your walls means that your existing decor will slide seamlessly into your new interiors.

Similar to the above trends, the beauty of black and white wallpaper is that you can go big and bold or elegant and understated. It’s completely up to you and your tastes in decor.

If you like the monochrome look, be sure to shop our black and white collection here.


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