Need It Now: New Design App For Decorating

July 26 2017

One of the hardest things to do when considering a new look for your interiors is envisioning what pieces work well together. From wallpaper and patterns to furniture and rugs… Seeing the big picture before it all comes together can be a challenge.

It’s this exact problem that the good folk over at Design It Yourself have recognised and found a solution to. With their new online app, Design It Yourself have created a platform where people with all levels of experience in the design world can let their imaginations run free, where amateur renovators can experiment with their colour palettes and styling, without spending a cent!

Design It Yourself is an app that brings a range of brand and products together for the customer to drag and drop into their interior. It allows the customer to see the big picture of their design concept, and play with bolder, bigger ideas. The software isn’t an e-commerce site, but was built with the average redecorator in mind, with the goal of being easy to use, with an intuitive interface.

The app already has big retailers on board to showcase and share their products… And allows you to click straight through to buy the products direct from the retailers once you’ve decided on your styling.

Want to see a demonstration? Check out the video below!

Here at Luxe Walls, we completely understand how overwhelming it can be to revamp a tired space, so we’re big believers in the Design It Yourself app. Luxe Walls has joined numerous other high-end retailers and Design It Yourself to help new decorators all around the world.

We’ve made our most popular wallpaper designs available on the app, so you can experiment with different looks for your interiors.

Need some styling inspiration? Check out our Luxe Walls’ Showcases from Interior Motives, Melanie Duzel-Zammit and Home Loves & Concrete Wallpaper.

Haven’t found what you’re after? Get in touch with us to talk to one of our experts!