New Featured Artist: Elise Catterall

July 3 2019

The Luxe Walls team have been excited this month to introduce yet another fantastic featured artist to our collection. Introducing Elise Catterall, an amazing botanical photographer.

About Elise Catterall

Elise is a photographer, writer and naturopath with a Master of Public Health who fell into botanical photography when she was in practice. Her business Floragraphica specialises in capturing wedding bouquets straight after weddings. Creating beautiful wall art so the couple can enjoy their wedding flowers forever.

Elise Catterall and Luxe Walls

We love the idea of being able to enjoy your wedding flowers forever, but we love the idea even more to be able to turn them into a huge statement piece with wallpaper.

Elise Catterall Fiore Wallpaper

We’ve asked Elise a few questions to help you to get to know her a bit better…


Where did your passion for art originate?

It feels like something that has always been a part of me even though I never really thought of myself as artistic. I’ve always loved art and have always loved to visit art galleries. I have always been drawn to floral art in particular. One of the first things I ever bought with my own money was a large mounted Georgia O’Keeffe piece. I still have it and still love it nearly 30 years later.  

Flowers and art together create a really lovely visceral response in me, kind of like butterflies in my stomach and my mouth watering at the same time – it’s really nice.  I don’t think I had any choice but to immerse myself in this area/genre once the path was clear. Luckily I found photography, because I can’t paint or draw to save my life!


Tell us a bit about your artistic background?

My medium is photography and I have loved that since I was really young but only started taking photos seriously a few years ago. My background before that was naturopathy and I had only just finished a Master of Public Health when I started studying photography in order to use my own photography in a book I was working on. My book was about flowers, specifically flowering medicinal herbs, so they were my focus (pardon the pun) and I gradually became more and more obsessed.  After that, it didn’t take long until the idea of my business Floragraphica took hold – a legitimate way to photograph flowers. With Floragraphica I photograph wedding bouquets after the wedding to make wall art so I am surrounded by the most beautiful arrangements and blooms and it is truly like being in heaven.


What inspires your art?

Definitely flowers – I’m constantly provided with interesting and unique arrangements so I’m kept on my toes finding the best way to capture them. Beyond that, I’m inspired by other artists, especially those who work with flowers, whether it be through photography or paint.


Where do you see your pieces in people’s homes? I.e. bedroom, lounge etc.

You know I think it depends on the piece – my clients have put their pieces in their bedrooms, living rooms, entry ways, dining rooms – you name it.  As my work is purely floral I always thought that suited bedrooms more, but some of the flowers I’ve shot are really structural so they work in other areas of the home.  The wallpapers I imagine would be stunning as a feature wall –


Did you ever imagine your artwork being printed on wallpaper?

Haha! Absolutely not! I’m totally blown away – but I’m so proud.  The entire experience with Luxe Walls has been phenomenal.


What’s next for you? Do you have any big things coming up?

It’s been such a hectic year already, with a couple of exhibitions, this wallpaper collaboration and my bouquet bookings, that, for me, my next big thing is a holiday!  Beyond that, I have a floral photography workshop planned for August, a book series produced by a well known florist about to be launched featuring my imagery, some other licencing arrangements in the pipeline, and then it will be wedding season, which is always busy but fun.


The Luxe Walls team thank Elise for giving us this fantastic insight. Click here to see more of her designs.