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New Ways to Arrange, Hang and Display Artwork

December 6 2017

When you first decide you are wanting to hang artworks in your space, it can sometimes feel a little daunting. Here at Luxe Walls, we understand that sometimes it can feel like a massive job, but it is definitely easier than you may think. Whether you have Picasso statements or even some cool looking posters, we’ve done the fashion research so you won’t be left hanging with all your art placing questions.

Before starting, there are always a few things you need to consider to avoid some hanging blunders. We can all pick a blank wall in a room with the right amount of space, but it isn’t always so easy to arrange artworks in an up and coming way that breathes life into a room.

The best thing you can do when choosing art for your surroundings is to take cues from the space. Basically, the feeling of your artworks should match the feeling of your room. For example, if your room has a real modern and sleek feel, you’ll want your artworks to reflect and build on that.

Keeping this in mind however, it’s important to try and avoid the classic trap of choosing an artwork that ‘matches the couch colour’ – stylists these days are saying there is nothing worse than spaces that have a soulless manufactured look. It’s super important that the artwork has an authentic connection with the space, and to you!

While hanging and placing, it really is a balancing act of colour, spacing and proportion. When you are putting all your work on your wall, it’s super important that your wall doesn’t look overwhelmed with everything you are putting on it, and that each piece reflects off each other in a harmonious, balanced way.

A super good cheat strategy to avoid that hanging drama is to arrange everything on the floor before putting it up. This way, you can steer clear of that back ache if something doesn’t look quite right. Don’t be afraid to rearrange and reorganise everything like a puzzle until you feel 100% happy with it. Also, we would recommend that hanging is usually a two-person job. It’s great to have that second pair of eyes that can tell the other person ‘a little to the left’ or ‘a little to the right’ to get everything in proportion.

Whether you are feeling a single statement piece, or an eclectic hang (a group of artworks working together) it’s important to go with your gut when choosing where to hang everything in your space. If you’re really not sure on how everything should work together, a great way to start is to pick one focal piece and arrange everything else around that.

If you don’t want exact measurements, you can go for an organic look, but if you want a more structured feeling, grab a pencil, measuring tape and a level (or even download a level app from your phone). Stylists are always saying that hanging artworks too low or too high from the furniture is a major snafu – you want to try and avoid that kind of ‘lonely floating artwork’ look.

The other extreme which is possible is to make sure you’re avoiding that ‘tram-line’ look when hanging up multiple artworks. An easy way to avoid grid lines covering your wall is to move things a little to the left or right.

Ranging across anything from works picked up at a student show to more established artists, artworks really can be one of the most effective decorating elements in your home. Whatever you may have, any form of artwork can work with a space if it is well-placed – infusing feeling and emotion into your room. Now that you have some tips to get started, it’s time to get hanging!

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