Nine Pink Wallpapers for a Feminine, Spa-Like Bathroom

March 5 2021

Long, busy days can keep our brains working at two-hundred miles a minute, for hours at a time, and it can be challenging to find a moment to ourselves amidst the madness. However, there’s nothing like a little pampering at the end of the day to make us feel like new! This pampering journey begins in our bathrooms or powder rooms – our very own home-spas. 

You don’t need the most enormous bathroom, most luxurious bath or the most expensive finishings to create a spa-like feel at home. Spa luxury is all about comfort and beauty, a look that is easy to achieve with the right wallpaper.  

Here at Luxe Walls, we happen to feel that pink wallpaper is the perfect way to infuse your bathroom with a fresh, feminine feel. The soft and subtle shades are calming and refreshing but bright enough to liven up even the smallest rooms. They have that luxe, glamorous appeal which is the perfect base for designing an elegant and attractive space.  

There are so many ways to use pink wallpaper in your bathroom! From a single feature wall to four-wall eleganza or statement zoning, the sky’s the limit when it comes to making your pink wallpaper work for you. Many modern wallpapers are splash-proof and wipeable, so you can use them in high-moisture areas without worrying that they’ll lose their looks. This means you have an absolutely incredible array of patterns and prints at your disposal when designing your very own spa. 

Pink hues are easy to complement. They pair beautifully with earthy or natural tones, like gorgeous greens, dreamy blues or luscious terracotta, but they also bring boldness and drama when paired with metallic accents or black contrasts. Pink is a truly versatile colour that will never fail to lay on the charm! 

Accessorising Your Home-Spa

One of the crucial features of a home-spa is a relaxing, sensual atmosphere. This is best achieved through a minimalist and organic design that prioritises simplicity and beauty. It’s about reminding yourself to go back to the basics, and that the basics are beautiful.  

Bringing nature into the space is a great way to add texture and colour while keeping your scheme simple and coherent. Plants, natural patterns, natural light, if possible – these all soften a room and create a peaceful atmosphere which brings us back to our roots.

When it comes to accessories, tastefully layering textures adds depth and intrigue to a design. This results in a room that stimulates the brain’s creative regions and helps you switch off from your day, no matter how tough it was. Shiny metallic accents in the finishings and accessories will then bring the element of luxury and elegance out into the open, immersing you in soothing indulgence without cluttering up the space.

Another way to create depth and intrigue is to play with light and dark. Your choice of standing lamp, desk lamp, low-hanging light or ceiling lamp will affect how light plays across the surfaces in your bathroom. This interplay of shadow and light will effortlessly transform the space’s perspectives. It will further interact with your choice of wallpaper, finishings and accessories to create the perfect atmosphere. 

Perfect in Pink: 9 Wallpapers to Transform your Bathroom

Without further ado, let’s dive into our favourite pink wallpapers that will transform your bathroom into a dream-room. 

Pretty Paisley

Subtle and complex, intricate yet simple – our Arabic Paisley wallpaper has it all. The interplay of pink and nude shades in the beautiful, organic pattern is restful while remaining effortlessly elegant and refined.

Pink Leaves

The soothing tones, simple lines and repeating pattern of our Fine Pink Leaves wallpaper come together to create an immersive and cocooning adventure. Both uplifting and reassuring, this print is perfect for those precious moments when you’re able to come back to yourself and breathe. It will always remind you to flow with your breath, not with the expectations of the world outside. 

Autumnal Beauty

Autumn is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful seasons, and our Autumn Leaf wallpaper doesn’t fall far from the tree. The earthy tones and naive, nature-inspired print conspire to create a cocooning and innocent interior. However, the simple lines and minimalist feel also guarantee a subtle and sophisticated luxe vibe.

Take Flight

Minimalist yet impactful, our Flying Crane wallpaper says a lot without saying much at all. The soft pastel tones and gorgeous graphics are understated yet elegant, while the whimsical print is refreshing and uplifting. 

Classic Pink Florals

For a more classic and traditional spa feel, you can’t beat our Blooming Florals print. The gorgeous graphics and subtle tones conspire to create an understated yet indisputably elegant interior. The blossoming buds will accompany you on your own journey of re-birth as you take a deep, post-work breath. 

Bird Song

There’s nothing like the sweet song of birds to remind you that there’s life beyond office-hours. Invite them into your spa-experience with our gorgeous Blossoms and Birds wallpaper. The vibrant pinks, soothing neutrals and bright accent colours on the birds provide all the incentive you need to design an understated, nature-inspired and sumptuous retreat. 

Abstract Magic Wallpaper

Organic shapes and a watercolour feel come together in our Dust Storm wallpaper to create, well, the perfect storm. Earth colours, inky tones, flowing lines and intriguing depths are all present, and the results are breathtaking. Subtly dramatic, elegantly bold and completely unexpected, Dust Storm is the indulgent print you deserve. 

Simply Beautiful

Our Evergreen wallpaper’s cheerful coral and simple lines imbue it with sophistication and a sense of innocent joy. It’s lighthearted yet classic, making it the perfect print for a rejuvenating spa-bathroom.

Hazy Horizons

Pastel tones dominate in our beautiful Haze Horizon print, resulting in a softly elegant feel that is both soothing and indulgent. The interplay of pinks and blues mirrors the natural beauty of dusk and dawn, and provides the ideal inspiration for your colour accents and highlights.  

We are constantly updating our wallpaper range, keep up to date with our hottest designs here.