Not Just For Walls: Renter-Friendly Ways to Use Wallpaper

April 18 2018

Originally for renters, the thought of applying wallpaper on walls would be enough to make anyone shudder. After all, the wallpaper of the past was very permanent, and could easily damage or destroy walls to make a renter’s life very difficult. However, with Luxe Walls’ removable wallpaper, you can welcome the freedom and ease of applying any wallpaper you like without the worry of damaging your walls. We want to make sure you can have the most contemporary and stylish spaces possible, so we’ve put together some new styling tips to try out with wallpaper.

Creating an Artwork

Ever thought about becoming an artist? By using our Luxe Walls wallpaper, making your very own artwork has never been easier! Just grab an object that you could stick some wallpaper on the back of with any kind of frame – like a wooden crate – and hang it up on the wall. Within minutes you have a newly framed artwork – you could even make multiple and swap them around to change up your decor. It really is that easy!

Drawers and Shelves

Think your drawers or shelves are looking a little boring? Simply put on some wallpaper to wherever you think needs an extra lift. Whether you are thinking the framing or the drawers, applying wallpaper can easily give that extra pop of colour or patterning that accents your room perfectly. With ease, you can upgrade your furniture to an original statement piece that suits your style.


If you’re feeling a little adventurous, why not try putting wallpaper on your appliances. With Luxe Walls’ removable wallpaper, the barriers of previous creative limits have definitely been knocked down. Wallpapering appliances can give that unique feel that is unlike any other decor element. A perfect example is wallpapering a fridge, which will create a unique statement. If you’re worried about stain or mess on the wallpaper, Luxe Walls can provide wallpaper that is stain-resistant and can be wiped down, damage free.


Have any spaces or panels that you are just not sure how to make interesting? Wallpapering panels is a great way to add an extra layer of interest to an already stylishly detailed space. Wallpapering panels can potentially transform the entire feel of a space, bringing extra depth to the colour palette of a room or even highlighting fixtures on a wall that may not have been seen before.


Whether you are wanting smaller accents using an artwork, or a larger statement such as a piece of furniture or wall fixtures, using removable wallpaper really does tick all the design boxes. Now the only thing left is for you to look around your space and start thinking outside of the box – the possibilities are endless!