Pattern and Colour Trends That May Have Overstayed Their Welcome

March 7 2018

It’s no secret that interior design trends are always changing and creating new ways to style your spaces. However, with all this changing of what’s in, an equal amount of change happens with what trends go out – especially when it comes to interior patterns and colours. So without further ado, here are some colours and patterns that may have been lying around your house for a little too long, and need the boot.

Indigo Everything

It had a great run, but stylists are really getting tired of indigo being absolutely everywhere. As great as the colour is, it really is time to take indigo down a notch or two. The best bet is to use slight accents of this popular colour, rather than overwhelming the eye with it covering everything in a space.

Cool Grey Tones

It’s official, all-white walls are out. Stylists are saying they are sick of the mundanity and need something to spice it up. It looks like the doors are opening for people to be more experimental with colour, rather than playing it safe with a million shades of grey. A great way to combat this is creating a focal point in a room using our Luxe Walls wallpaper – quick, easy, removable and stylish!


Stuck between an awkward combination of floral patterns and chintz, Damask is a pattern that is definitely on the outs. Originally covering everything from curtains to wallpaper in the 90s, this outdated pattern really isn’t doing anything for contemporary style. A great replacement for these 2 dimensional floral stencils is experimenting with a statement of dark florals – a very big up and coming trend.

Avocado Green and Harvest Gold

Originally staples of the 70s, these two calm colours are very much outdated. Coming off as drab and dull, all this colour combo seems to do these days is drain the life out of space. It is definitely in everyone’s best interest to say goodbye to this majorly off trend colour pairing.

Floral Everything

There’s no doubt that the 80s absolutely loved their florals, but it may be time to make sure all those flowers stay there. Originally covering virtually every surface it could, it really is time to dial back the floral patterns in modern design. Florals are still used today in a much more contemporary sense, focusing on accents rather than spreading over everything.


Dominating the 70s, stylists can safely say no one will miss this look. All plaid seemed to accomplish in the 70s was make people feel like they were in a square kaleidoscope. With the modern patterns of today definitely being a step up, it’s time to put this repetitive pattern to rest.

Colours and patterns really do come and go in the interior design world, but just as colours and patterns go out of style, a brand new wave of styles come in. Now that you know the current colour and pattern mishaps, it should be that much easier to make your room that super chic space you’ve always wanted.


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