The Perfect Indoor Plants to Refresh your Interiors

May 30 2018

Sometimes, no matter what you do, some plants just don’t want to last the long-run. Here at Luxe Walls, we thought we’d put together 5 plants that can withstand even the darkest days. Using these tough flora will help keep your home looking bright and fresh.

Snake Plant

This plant with its tall, dark-green and upright leaves is able to withstand any interior, resembling a snake’s tongue. The snake plant is not only easy to care for, but its stark lines make it architecturally striking in any space and will complement any wallpaper design. You can’t get any easier!

Pothos Plant

Green as can be and covered with large luscious leaves, the Pothos plant isn’t fussy at all about where it’s placed and what light it gets. Perfect for all planting rookies, this greenery flourishes in all soil types, even in just a jar of water. You’ll want to water this vine thoroughly.


As well as being super easy to care for, these little succulents have healing gel properties for cuts or burns. Had a little too much time in the sun? Just break off one of the leaves and rub some gel onto the burnt area for instant relief. Its plump leaves only need watering every two to three weeks. Effortlessly easy to care for and containing super healing abilities, these succulents really are a no-brainer.

Rubber Plant

Architecturally stunning and built to last, the rubber plant’s tough leaves will no doubt match any interior. Featuring leaves that darken to a deep burgundy in the sunlight, and reverting to green in low-light conditions, this plant changes its aesthetic depending on where you place it. 

Chinese Evergreen

The name alone of this plant shows just how easy it finds to stay alive and well with little care factor. In fact, the Chinese Evergreen fares best in low light conditions with some warmth, so no need to run around your space trying to find that sunlight. As well as being super easy to care for, this plant’s leaves are coloured in intricate patterns of green hues that will definitely add interest to your space. 


Greenery no doubt is every interior’s best friend when it comes to design, adding sophistication, relaxation and that extra element of earthy tones. Hopefully with these sturdy household greens, keeping this decor alive and well goes from being a major hassle to a piece of cake.