Play Like Picasso: the Low-Down on our Continuous Line Drawing Prints

July 9 2021

The line between madness and genius has always been a fine one. Here at Luxe Walls, we celebrate the touch of crazy that really elevates a design from mundane to magical. Moreover, we’re inviting you to celebrate with us by adding a hint of Picasso to your walls!

First popularised by Pablo Picasso, continuous line drawing is a fresh, raw and imperfect art form that boils down to true creative genius. It feels immediate and visceral while speaking to intrinsic artistic vision and ability. We’ve curated a unique collection of line drawing prints to celebrate this abstract style, focused on simple and expressive faces.

Featuring a range of expressions and personalities, our Face Line Drawing collection speaks to the beautiful diversity of the human experience and the delicious cheekiness of celebrating our relationships with each other. In soft neutral tones, this collection elevates and relaxes your space all at once. A touch of playfulness, a serious nod to a classic artist, and a generous dash of whimsy come together to create magic on your walls. Smart-casual, sophisticated yet chilled out, worldly and fun-loving, this print says it all! 

The playful print and pared-back colour schemes bring a unique feel to each room, but all pair beautifully with brass or metal accents, neutral tones and a fun vibe. Our collection is easy to integrate into an existing colour scheme or design aesthetic. However, each print also makes a fantastic focal piece or accent wall to define your design. Of course, how you use them is up to you, but we’re sure these cheeky designs will bring a smile to your face!

Sophisticated Slate and Silver

In cooling slate or silver tones, our Slate Grey and Cloudy Silver prints are powerful without being overbearing. They create a strong, fun, and relaxing presence in the room. We bring you ‘sophisticated’ and ‘whimsical’ all in one!

Classic Black and White

In classic tones, our Black and White Face Line Drawing is the perfect backdrop for a pared-back yet fun-loving scheme. Accessorise with some bright accent colours for an extra pop of energy, or let it speak for itself!

Pretty in Periwinkle, Pink and Taupe

For a little more colour, try our Soft Taupe, Plush Pink or Periwinkle Face Line Drawing ranges. Effortlessly charming and subtly eye-catching, these soft colours add a dash of spice to this playful print.

Play Like Picasso

These spirited prints are perfect for high traffic, communal areas of your home. Living rooms, hallways, dining rooms and even kitchens are the ideal canvas. They’ll boost the energy in the space, and are sure to be show-stoppers and conversation-starters all at once! 

Make a bold statement about yourself and how you like to live your life with these energetic and classic patterns.