Powerful and Moody Wallpapers for your Powder Room

February 19 2021

Powder rooms might be a bit of a neglected space in our homes. They’re often small, functional rooms that we don’t think about very much when designing, accessorising and decorating our houses. However, this means we’re missing out on a perfect opportunity to get bold and experimental! 

Bathrooms or powder rooms are enclosed, intimate spaces, where we can feel safe to let our interior-design daredevils guide us. Furthermore, bathrooms are also spaces where people, including guests, spend a significant amount of time. To truly have an impact, and communicate who you are as a designer and homeowner, every aspect of the bathroom needs to be intentional. From the wallpaper to the sink, mirror and fixtures, everything matters. They’re the perfect rooms to get daring! Designer Melissa Rufty even said: powder rooms are a designer’s calling card.

Wallpaper is your best friend when it comes to transforming your bathroom. It’s easy to maintain and doesn’t require much natural light to truly shine, so it’s perfect for a space which is often a little dark and poky. 

At Luxe Walls, we happen to think that dark wallpapers are a great way to add impact and statement to a bathroom. Taking a trip to the powder room quickly becomes an immersive and moody experience when you’re surrounded with luscious dark accents! They imbue a space with intimacy and mystery, but most importantly, luxury: bathrooms become secluded and personal spa-like havens sheltered from the rest of the world. This atmosphere promotes tranquillity and self-care, all the while communicating your design punch and flair.

Accessorising Your Magnificent, Moody Wallpapers

If you’re feeling a little intimidated by the intensity of a dark wallpaper, here are some quick tips and tricks to understand how it works. There’s nothing simpler than styling your gorgeous moody magic! 

Colour Pops

Whether you’re pulling out an accent colour from the pattern or choosing a contrasting tone, bringing a pop of colour to your bathroom is a great way to create depth and drama. Choose strong highlights in any artwork, fittings and accessories you include.

A Gentle Touch

A touch of soft, creamy tones in accessories or fittings creates a sophisticated look and softens the feel of your space. This could be especially effective in your choice of curtains, rugs and throws, towels or artwork. 

Mood Lighting

Dim, focused lighting is the perfect way to create a cosy, intimate space that feels special. A chandelier, standing lamp or desk lamp are ideal ways to manage your lighting. 

Love Luxury

Dark wallpapers feel luxurious already, so adding some opulent touches in the fittings and accessories helps build a cohesive scheme. Brass, gold and tasteful sparkles are the perfect luxury accents. 

Moody Magic

Now that you’re a pro, let’s dive into some of our favourite dark and moody prints! 

Beautiful Blossoms

This Cherry Blossom at Night print is the perfect place to start. It offers all the luxury of dark, moody depths with beautiful colour to lean on in your accessorising. The soft feminine flowers also add that gentle touch, bringing some lovely elegance into the space. For sensual feminine luxury, look no further! 

Moody Mists

This dark wallpaper also provides a soft and feminine element you can play with when you’re decorating. Our Moody Cloud print has rich hues and depths, with lots of neutrals, greys, blues and deep contrasts you can use throughout the room. It’s also slightly more understated than some other dark wallpapers but still offers an intensely atmospheric vibe. It’ll definitely have you feeling all cosy and epic in your powder room.

Opulent Luxury

Talk about drama! Our Opposite Trailing Natives print has everything you could need when designing a statement powder room. The deep contrasts and bright accents have a profoundly sensual and luxurious vibe. This makes it perfect for a quiet but moving powder room that will leave visitors impressed and relaxed. It’s impossible not to feel pampered when you’re surrounded by these opulent florals! Don’t forget to carry the creams and blues into your accessorising for a cohesive feel. 

Black and White Whimsy

For a more naive and playful take on ‘dark and moody,’ our monochromatic Magnolias and Vines wallpaper offers cheeky and knowing innocence. The black and white print means you can accessorise with any colours that bring you joy, but try and focus on colours that will add a touch of intensity to this whimsical pattern. A luxe feel is guaranteed by the dark background, so it’s really fun to play with the idea of naive caprice throughout your bathroom.

Fabulous Florals

Another dash of feminine magic! The pink and white flowers in our stunning Floral Garden wallpaper offer great inspiration for your accessorising and fixtures. The contrast between the dark and bright is dramatic without being abrasive, and the delicate, sensual vibe is perfect for an intimate and spa-like bathroom. We think playing with shades of blue in your decorating could be a lot of fun, and add some intrigue to the room. 

Royal Bouquet

Feel like true royalty with a powder room immersed in beautiful florals! Our Muted Floral Bouquet wallpaper’s dark background creates a fantastic contrast with the white, yellow and pink flowers. It makes for a sophisticated and mature print, tastefully evoking the luxe and refinement you deserve. The bathroom will become so much more than a bathroom! Transform it into your very own royal, indulgent spa experience. 

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