Style in a Flash: Revamping your Entryway

April 11 2018

First impressions are everything, especially when it comes to styling an entryway for a home. This sets the tone of your home as your guests walk in and you want them to be impressed with your interior design skills. Here at Luxe Walls, we understand the importance of having a stylish entryway, and we have gathered some design tips to help make your entryway impress within seconds.

Closed Storage

When it comes to designing an entrance, most people completely throw themselves into making this space chic and on trend. However, in the commotion of searching for that perfect light or amazing mirror, it’s easy to forget the need for functionality. If there aren’t any cupboards or storage present, items like coats and shoes can easily clutter up the entryway. Closed or hidden storage is the best bet for a continuous, sleek entryway.

Mirrors and Space Perception

When it comes to entryways, you can never go wrong with playing with reflections using mirrors. If you have a small entryway, mirrors can give the illusion that the space is bigger than it actually is. If you have a long and lengthy hall, a series of skyscraper-styled mirrors will always open up the space.


Adding art to an entryway is the perfect way to put your own creative flair into a space. Using it as an expression of yourself, a large statement piece will always generate interest and conversation from the minute someone enters. This will set the tone of your home, so be sure to pick an amazing art piece for your entryway.

Spark Some Interest with Lighting

When it comes to the most successful entryways, lighting is always essential. If your entryways have access to natural light, definitely maximise it. Adding windows or skylights are a great way to lighten the space in a calm and relaxing way. If that’s not quite as easy for your space, it’s best to keep artificial light to a minimum. Recessed lighting (minimal lighting) and subtle light fixtures are the best way to achieve a soothing scene, whilst also creating accents that emphasise the best parts of your space.

Decorative Florals

Florals are the perfect welcoming decorative element. Giving a relaxed and fun feel to your space, florals can put that extra pop of organic style and natural colour to any room. The additions give a healthy dose of oxygen allowing floral decorative elements to be a great welcoming aspect for the senses. A floral wallpaper can really create a calm ambience in an entryway as well.


The best entryways are always a reflection of their owner, capturing their visitors’ attention. Hopefully with these tips, making your entryway one of the most interesting parts of your home will be easier than ever.