Seven Secrets to a Perpetually Organised House

November 6 2019

Who doesn’t want to live in an Instagram dream-house? With a beautiful place for everything and everything in its place, a sense of balance and poise, and no clutter to trip over during hazardous midnight trips to the bathroom or the fridge, there’s everything to love.

The IG-worthy house is not an unachievable dream! Keeping your home organised and aesthetically pleasing is not a matter of superhuman powers. Instead, a few nifty secrets and tips can make it easy as pie. Ready?


Storage Containers Are Your Best Friend

The easiest way to make sure everything ends up in its specific place is to have a specific place for everything. To this end, storage containers and container organisers can really help you create an effective organisational system. I’m even talking container organisers in drawers to help you separate what probably used to be a mass of items into a beautifully systematised operation.

Before you do purchase your containers, have a purge, so that you’re only buying boxes for what you actually own. And when you’re out shopping, think about where you’re going to store each new item that you buy.


Keep it Easy

You’re more likely to maintain your organisation if you’ve made it easy for yourself to do so. Try to make tidying up a one-handed operation. Avoid lids at all costs, storing everything in open containers, and keep items within easy reach of where they’re going to be used most often.


Sort Like With Like

This one might seem like a bit of a no-brainer, but it’s worth a mention. Keep items that are used together, together. Keep things that are the same, in the same place.


Sort items by their frequency of use

Separate your belongings into things you use daily, weekly or monthly and those that you only need once in a while. Things you use regularly can be at eye-level, within hand-reach of their place of use, while those that you need less frequently can require a stepping stool or for you to bend awkwardly. The attic, loft or anywhere that needs a ladder to get to is the perfect place for items you hardly ever use but do need.


Eliminate clutter spots

Flat surfaces like tables, desks or commodes tend to be magnets for clutter. Solution? Make them unwelcoming to clutter by dressing them. A nicely set table or desk leaves little room for your piles of paper and knick-knacks.


Label Everything

Make it easy for yourself to maintain your system by labelling your containers. Eyes are better at reading than identifying a particular place or item, so evident labels take the effort out of remembering that genius organisational system you put in place.


Designate a specific function for each space. This will enable you to store there only the items that fulfil this purpose. Use room dividers like bookcases, couches etc. to help you divide up open-plan spaces or multi-functional rooms.