Shortlist For 2017 Australian Interior Design Awards Revealed!

April 10 2017

Here at Luxe Walls, we pride ourselves on staying on top of the latest trends and developments in the interior design world, and the 2017 Australian Interior Design Awards are no exception. These awards are the Academy Awards for interior designers, complete with the high stakes and glamour, and we couldn’t be more excited about the shortlist reveal!

This year, there was a record high of 525 entries, with Victoria taking the lead over the other states with an impressive 92 entries on the shortlist.

For the residential design award this year, 48 projects were shortlisted, while 17 projects made the shortlist for residential decoration.

Here are just a few of the highlights…

1. Hunters Hill House, by Handelsmann + Khaw

Photography by Felix Forest.

This absolutely stunning home was shortlisted for the Residential Decoration category. We’re loving the exposed timber beans and the neutral tones of this space.

2. The Melburnian, by Studio Tate

Photography by Sharyn Cairns.

Shortlisted for the Residential Design category, Studio Tate have done a phenomenal job of using the ‘LA Glamour’ aesthetic, with rich shades of charcoal and greys and a decadent bedhead.

3. Fitzroy Residence, by Doherty Design Studio in collaboration with Inarc Architects

Photography by Derek Swalwell.

Another striking home shortlisted for the Residential Decoration category is the Fitzroy Residence. We’re huge fans of the playful decisions using texture, and the earthy hues used throughout the terrace.

4. Six Brookville Rd, by Neometro and MA Architects

Photography by Derek Swalwell.

Another Residential Design candidate! We’re fawning over the natural light and complementing decor accents in this one. Neometro have done an amazing job of working with the foundations of this interior.

5. Bondi Breeze, by H Interior Design

Photography by Francoise Baudet.

Don’t you just love the splashes of beach-inspired colour in this home? The Bondi Breeze is another shortlisted candidate for the Residential Decoration category, and combines the beauty of natural light with elegant textures.