Six Reasons You Should Jump on the Wallpaper Bandwagon!

April 16 2021

Wallpaper is here to stay! And it’s come such a long way from your grandma’s living room or a vintage lover’s hallway. In the last few decades, we’ve had a true revolution in wallpaper design. It’s being used in so many new and innovative ways that really add a touch of magic to our homes. 

From intriguing textures to fun patterns, sophisticated designs and custom prints, the aesthetics of wallpaper know no limits these days. Whoever you are, whatever your style, there’s sure to be a print for you! But that’s not all: wallpapers have never been so easy to install. With the advent of pre-pasted and peel-and-stick papers, you can re-decorate your room in no time, with no mess and no fuss. 

But the clincher really has to be the growing popularity of removable wallpapers. They’re just as easy to take down as they are to put up! Installing wallpaper is no longer a binding commitment to the future. You can get playful and experimental without fearing the consequences and redesign your space entirely as often as you like. 

If you’re not convinced yet, we’ve put together a list of the top six reasons you should be using wallpaper in your home. You’ll be wallpapering everything before you get to the end!

Six Reasons to Jump on the Wallpaper Bandwagon

Easy as Pie

Before diving into the fun stuff, let’s get some technicalities out of the way. These days, wallpaper is a heck of a lot easier to get right than painting! It’s also never been so accessible or diverse. 

Peel-and-stick wallpaper, in particular, is just as easy as it sounds. Removable and reusable, it’s perfect whether you’re a DIY beginner or a seasoned re-decorator. At Luxe Walls, our papers come in pre-measured strips, so all you need to worry about is lining them up! And since our papers are reusable, you can peel off and re-stick as many time as you need to get it right. 

Geometric Spider Web

Long-lasting Good Looks

Wallpapers these days are highly durable – much more so than paint, which can chip or peel. They’re also easier to clean. Most wallpapers are designed to be wipeable and moisture-resistant. 

This makes wallpaper a fantastic long-term investment. Long-lasting and low-maintenance? Just what everyone wants for their walls!

Spoilt for Choice

The sky’s the limit when it comes to choice! There are just so many different options out there, whether you’re into colour, pattern, texture or a specific style. Wallpaper is a great way to personalise a space and create genuinely unique and memorable interiors. 

Take the time to explore the options available to you, and consider what best complements your space. Textured wallpapers bring warmth, depth and dimension to the room, while also providing a dash of luxurious comfort. Neutral colours or patterns make great backdrops, while exciting prints create an immersive and evocative experience. 

Victoria Era Blush

So Versatile

Wallpaper can quite literally be used anywhere. Again, the sky’s the limit! Entire rooms, single walls, corridors, ceilings, exciting features like chair rails or chimney breasts – the way you use your roll is up to you. 

It’s a great way of bringing life to an oddly shaped or unconventional space, like a powder room or closet. With a touch of wallpaper magic, they’ll become your favourite rooms in the house! 

Wallpaper Feature

Where it used to be more of a backdrop, today wallpaper is taking centre stage. Custom prints or beautifully crafted designs are works of art in-and-of themselves, and they deserve to be made a fuss of. If you’ve got a particularly bold or impactful print, consider giving it pride of place with a feature wall! 

Using wallpaper like art, feature walls are an easy way to make a statement and express your creative side. Applying wallpaper across only one wall adds character and individuality, while giving you an excellent foundation for your decorative scheme. 

The Wave

No Strings Attached

Today’s wallpapers leave no trace. If you feel like a change, it’s no big deal! Simply peel away when it’s time to switch it up. It’s actually a good idea to keep the backing paper so that you can re-stick the wallpaper to it when you’re done. This makes storage more manageable and increases your wallpaper’s lifespan. 

To Sum Up….

To sum it all up: wallpaper looks great, it’s easy as pie to put up AND take down, and it’s so versatile you’ll never get bored. What’s not to love? 

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