Six Tropical Wallpapers to Make Summer Last Forever

February 6 2021

With warm, evocative nights and deliciously lazy days, we never want summer to end. We wish we could bottle it up and keep it with us forever! Well, we don’t have a magical bottle… However, our stunning tropical wallpapers do a great job of bringing that summer feel into your home! They’ll make your space feel like a constant summertime holiday.

Tropical decor is a style that has proved timeless. Whether you go big and bold or subtle and suggestive, there’s something in the gorgeous greens, deep, opulent tones and bright accents that brings out the best in any home. Truly, a tropical vibe always feels both fresh and classic! Depending on how you style it, it could lend itself to anything from a retro to a contemporary feel. 

There’s a unique balance of neutrals, base tones, and accent colours in many tropical wallpapers. They provide the perfect inspiration for accessorising and decorating the rest of your room! Pull out the bright and punchy accent colours and echo them in decorative elements around the room. You could even mirror them in the colour of your statement pieces like sofas, tables or chairs. Conversely, tropical wallpapers marry themselves beautifully to neutral palettes, bringing intrigue and interest to otherwise minimal spaces. 

We’ve chosen six beautiful tropical wallpapers to bring that summer vibe into your life, no matter the season. Keep reading to feast your eyes on our stunning selection!

Six Tropical Wallpapers to Make Summer Last Forever

Opulent Drama

This gorgeous Black Vintage Strelitzia wallpaper brings the drama and the class to any space. The deep black background and bright feminine pattern create a sense of depth and intrigue, which is nonetheless relaxing and languorous. This wallpaper is therefore an ideal focal point in a living room or lounge. On the other hand, it creates a feeling of luxury and intimacy in a bedroom, transforming the space into your personal tropical hideaway. The cares of the world can’t reach you here!

Beautiful in Blue  

Stepping away from those gorgeous greens for just a moment, let’s embrace the beautiful blues of this Blue Fan Palm wallpaper. With a more neutral and monochrome palette, this is an excellent base to build upon with your furnishings and accessories. Mirror the blue tones throughout your hard and soft furnishings, or choose neutral tones and use blues in your accessories. If you’re feeling bolder, you could select a colour from the opposite end of the colour spectrum to use as an accent. 

This design’s gentle tones lend themselves to busier rooms or understated spaces. They’re perfect for creating a serene and peaceful home! This print would look great in a bedroom or bathroom, and creates a chilled-out atmosphere in a living room or lounge. 

Simply Sublime

If you’re looking for something a little more subtle and understated, look no further than this gorgeous Neutral Tropicals wallpaper. The monochrome palette and minimalist print make this wallpaper a timeless exemplar of classic design – with just a dash of fun and whimsy.

Paired with a neutral and minimalist design, it brings character to a zen space. Understated rooms are imbued with a tropical, travelled vibe. Conversely, paired with a busy and bold room it provides a quieter backdrop to the drama of the space. It’s such a versatile print! You could quite literally use it anywhere, and it will never let you down. 

Bring the Drama

Another dramatic and opulent print, our Tropical Garden wallpaper transforms rooms into secluded and luxurious retreats. With vibrant splashes of colour in eye-catching and arresting designs, it’s sure to be a show-stopper! Unleash this gorgeous print as the focal point in a neutral living room or sitting area, or use it to create an immersive experience in a space bedazzled with tropical touches. In a bedroom or lounge, it will provide a sense of seclusion and intimate luxury. Either way, your room will stand out from the rest!

Carry the various shades of green through into your hard and soft furnishings if you’re aiming to create an immersive adventure. For a more understated look, use green, pink, blue and yellow as accents in your soft furnishings and decor. 


For a fresh and naive take on the tropical trend, feast your eyes on our charmingly whimsical Tropical Atmosphere wallpaper. This colourful, pastel-toned print is full to the brim with childish joy and energy. It truly feels like a breath of fresh air into your space and soul! This tropical wallpaper makes a great focal point in any space but will look at its best in rooms with plenty of natural light and joyful people inhabiting them. 

Play around with the neutral beiges and pinks as you furnish your room. However, don’t be afraid to delve into the bright greens, yellows and reds when accessorising! This print’s simplistic design means it’s less likely to be overwhelming, even in a busy space. It makes for a cheeky and lighthearted living room or sitting area, and a whimsical office space if you need motivation. It also looks great in a children’s bedroom!

Go With the Flow

This leafy print is both sophisticated and arresting. The gorgeous greenery in our Tropical Palms on Black wallpaper is so realistic, you can almost hear the warm wind whistling through the leaves. This sense of movement and flow brings energy and drama to your space. It’s perfect for designing a multidimensional and impactful experience that transforms your home into a tropical summer’s night. Despite its simple colour palette, this wallpaper is a show-stopper! It makes a fantastic focal point in an open-plan space or a large room. The print size also makes small spaces feel higher and wider, so don’t be afraid of using it in a smaller bedroom or a beautiful bathroom! 

Pair this tropical wallpaper with a mostly neutral, black or monochromatic design to create a sleek yet intriguing modern interior. If you’re feeling cheeky, choose accent colours from the opposite end of the colour wheel to add a little more drama.

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