Some of the best wallpapers chosen by our very own Stylist’s

December 18 2020

Here you’ll find some of the best designs for your home according to our stylists. Each print has its own unique style making it stand out and they have all been carefully selected for a multitude of reasons. Not being an easy decision, we have narrowed it down to 5 designs to share with you, we have chosen a variety of styles, giving you some choice when it comes to selecting one for your home.

Periwinkle Wood Panel Wallpaper:

This print is excellent for giving your wall some distinctiveness, with its pale green hue combining with the parallel lines of the wood panelling. There is plenty of versatility with this wallpaper allowing it to look great in a living room, bedroom or even a bathroom or kitchen. It has the ability to achieve this versatility due to its soft tone and classic/timeless design.

Periwinkle Wood Panel Wallpaper

Industrial White Brick Wallpaper:

Our Industrial White Brick Wallpaper will effortlessly create a “lived-in” urban feel for your home or office interior. The look of distressed whitewash brick has been a long-lasting trend giving interiors both a contemporary and overall rustic appearance. This print will easily work well in an office setting as well as in rooms around the house, such as; bedroom, living room or bathroom.

Industrial White Brick Wall

Sandstone Wallpaper:

Complete your home with some much needed texture! Our Sandstone Wallpaper will bring with it texture in large quantities, it’ll also add warmth to your interior with its earthy tones. This print will diversify any space with an element of depth, all thanks to the realistic sandstone brick pattern. Showcase this print in your hallway space, make it a unique focal point in your living room or even a perfect and inviting aesthetic for your kitchen. 

Irregular Sandstone Brick Wallpaper

Vintage Palm Trees Wallpaper:

This wallpaper can be said to be tropical with a classic twist. This print provides a laid-back atmosphere with a touch of class and elegance, the combination of the simple palm tree design with brown hues on a pale green backdrop provides a nice vintage aesthetic with a contemporary flavour. Choosing where to place this design is simple too because it will go just about anywhere.

Vintage Palm Trees Wallpaper

Green Weave Onyx Wallpaper:

The marble faux finish of our Green Weave Onyx Wallpaper is a fantastic way to bring some much-needed elegance and luxury to your interior. The neutral colour combination adds a sense of depth and overall substance to any room you choose, whether it’s at home or in an office. This print is best styled with more sophisticated and/or modern furniture, therefore it is dependent on each room’s style as to where this print would look best.