maximising space

Spacious Living for all Homes

June 6 2018

Making the use of space in your interiors is simpler than you might think! The options are limitless when it comes to maximising space in interior design, and all it takes is thinking a little outside of the box! We thought we’d put together a few options for you to try out if you’re feeling those small space blues.

Make Every Piece Count

If your space is a little cramped, it’s super important to get yourself furniture that counts. The best sort of furniture are pieces that have multiple uses. Pick out a table that can be a desk and dining table, buy a comfy sofa that’s perfect for a guest bed, maybe even buy some cubes that work as chairs. The more creative you are, the better it is for your space – it’s all about functionality. A subtle wallpaper design, like a marble finish can help make these pieces pop.

Visual Continuity

A great way to calm down that cramped feeling is by creating even toned rooms. If your small space or room has a balanced colour palette that seamlessly works together, your eyes will view that space as cohesive and a less crowded area. As each element feeds into the next, your room becomes a more relaxed space that fools the eyes into thinking things are more spacious than they actually are.


When it comes to small areas and wanting to achieve that relaxed and organised feeling, storage is everything. When you supply yourself with storage, especially hidden storage, any extra clutter that could make your space seem smaller than it is, is out of sight and out of mind. Also as a bonus, it’s an easy and simple way to clear up some extra square-footage.

Thinking in zones

A great way to maximise space is to think of the space you have as zones or designated areas according to their purpose. By thinking of your area as multiple vignettes, it makes it much easier for you to imagine what to place in your limited space, making the most out of every element.

Trick Your Eye

Interior design over the years has definitely come up with a few tips and tricks to create illusions with space, so of course you should use them! One of the most popular clever deceptions is the use of mirrors. A rightly placed mirror can make it seem like there is almost double the amount of space! Other great decor elements to enhance space are floor to ceiling curtains and see-through furnishings. Who needs to create space when you can make a virtual depth reality?


No matter what sort of space you have, the way in which you use it is only limited by your imagination. The potential of a room could really be anything, it is just a matter of what you feel you need!