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Statement Bedroom Wallpaper Ideas

June 7 2017

Is your bedroom lacking a bit of pizzazz, a bit of individuality and oomph? You spend a lot of time in your bedroom, so why not make it extra special? Here are some easy ways to achieve statement bedroom ideas.

Create A Feature Wall

If your room is looking a little bland, with white paint covering all four walls, things can get a little boring. With a statement wall feature, you can up the ante of your bedroom, and all it takes is one thing.

If you’re not fully committed to painting the entire wall, you can consider wallpaper. Wallpaper is a great option if you want to all a third dimension to your room, plus it’s not one shade or colour. Wallpaper comes in an array of designs, colours and styles. If you want to see the city, you can choose wallpaper with NYC on it, or even Milan. You can choose wallpaper that reflects your personality and style. 

Add A Statement Piece Of Furniture

You may be too scared to dive right into a statement wall, so why not invest in some statement furniture? Brightly coloured pieces can add life and personality into your bedroom, as well as giving your bedroom a unique touch. You can inject personality into your room by adding a statement rug, or keeping your room bare, but having a splash of colour with your doona and sheets.  

Add Life To Your Room (Literally)

If your bedroom feels a bit stifled, it may be time to open a window. Adding a candle can help create a calming atmosphere in your home, but it can only last so long.

Plant life is the perfect solution for those who want to add colour into their bedrooms, and also want to keep their rooms fresh and alive. Pot plants are easy to maintain, and cacti can look edgy and sleek in a minimal room. Hang plants off the ceiling, sit them of desks, in the windowsill, wherever. You’ll clean the air, freshen up your room and keep it looking fresh; win!

Get Creative

Is your bedroom a bit blah? Sometimes scrolling through Pinterest can inspire you, but you may think that’s too crazy for me. Why do we think that? If you see a loft bed, and you like it, replicate it! Search around, find fun hacks and tricks that can add personality to your bedroom and do it yourself! If they can it, why can’t you?


Ally Feiam is the marketing & content creator for MyDeal, an online marketplace with over 25,000 products.