Statement bricks are the latest design trend

August 13 2019

Bricks are very on-trend at the moment. We’re seeing exposed brick walls and feature walls cropping up everywhere, and we think it can be beautiful if it’s done right. We’ve put together this article to help you when choosing bricks for your walls and home.

What you should consider when choosing bricks


There’s a great array of colour choice out there. Consider how the colour of the brick will fit with the other colours already in your space.

Surrounding materials

Think about how the colour, texture and finish of the bricks will look alongside the other materials and furnishings in your home.


You might consider the style of your home or space. Whether it’s a modern unit or a farmhouse, bricks can compliment the style or theme that you already have.


The location of your home might even affect your choice of brick. You might choose to bring the outside in. For example, if you live near the coast a sandstone, light coloured brick might work for your space.


Of course, budget is a consideration for most projects. And like all materials, bricks vary in price. Recycled brick can be an option and is often cheaper than buying them brand new.

Wallpaper instead of real brick

If the thought of getting real bricks into your house sounds too daunting and expensive, the Luxe Walls brick range could be a perfect alternative. There’s a wide range of colours, styles and finishings to choose from. Below are just a few of our favourites.


Subtle in style and colour and perfect for a crisp and modern space.


Perfect to add character to any space.


Works well in an older styled home but also surprisingly well in a modern space too.


Case study: A modern home

Thompson Sustainable Homes recently used one of our brick wallpapers for a New York-inspired loft. They paired an old rustic style brick wallpaper with a completely clean and modern space. And it worked beautifully.

Thompson Sustainable Homes, using Luxe Walls brick wallpaper.


Thompson Sustainable Homes, using Luxe Walls brick wallpaper.


Using wallpaper is simple, effective a cost-friendly. Our range of peel and stick wallpapers makes it easy to remove the wallpaper when you feel like your space needs a change. Now, we know for sure it wouldn’t be that simple with real bricks.

Take a look at our entire brick range here. If you can’t find what you are looking for, we also do custom printing. Just send us the bricks that you’d like to turn into wallpaper.