Step Into Spring: Floral Wallpaper For Days

September 6 2017

Spring has well and truly sprung here at Luxe Walls, and we’ve been eagerly combing through the best springtime designs for your interiors. You can’t go past florals for spring, that’s a given – but how do you determine which florals work best in your home?

Whether you’re after big and bold or subtle and sophisticated, we’re bound to have some looks for you. So let’s dive right into our favourite floral wallpapers for this season…

1. Watercolour Strelitzia Wallpaper



Image Credit: Three Birds #RivershackReno.

You might have seen our Watercolour Strelitzia Wallpaper on the latest episode of Three Birds Renovations, and it’s been flying off the virtual shelves ever since. And with good reason! This stunning design is rich in colour and detail and works incredibly well with both neutral tones and complementary accents.

We absolutely love the stellar styling job done by Bonnie, Erin and Lana, particularly how they’ve used the blush tones of the florals in the wallpaper in their bedhead and soft furnishings as well.

The best part is, the Watercolour Strelitzia Wallpaper is available on Luxe Walls right now, so you can get this beautiful design just in time for the heart of spring!

2. Watercolour Floral Wallpaper



Image Credit: Interior Motives.

Another design our customers can’t get enough of is the Watercolour Floral Wallpaper. This one has been chosen by numerous interior designers and home renovators alike to revamp just about every space. From kid’s rooms to formal dining rooms, this print is certainly making an impact.

We love the brightness of this design, and how the intricate floral details don’t overwhelm the print. It’s perfect for a springtime revamp!

3. Dramatic floral wallpaper


Image via Pinterest.

Another look our stylists love is the darker, more dramatic florals, like the above example from Pinterest. Designs like this are perfect for creating atmosphere throughout your interiors and are particularly good for formal sitting rooms and dining rooms.

Remember to utilise the lighter tones in your wallpaper in the styling of your small decor pieces and soft furnishings.


We’ve got two massive collections of both floral and botanical designs ready for you to browse right now. For traditional floral wallpaper, click here, and for more botanical designs, click here.