Stylish Wall Decor Ideas That You Can Easily Recreate at Home

February 27 2020

Ever drooled over the Pinterest-perfect decor of those Pinterest-perfect houses that you see on social media or TV? I hear you sigh, wistfully: “It’s an impossible dream.” Think again! Fabulous walls don’t have to break the bank or your back! The power of bold, stylish and unique wall decor is in your hands – literally. 

To DIY For

Some are born artsy, some achieve artsiness, and some have artsiness thrust upon them. Either way, everyone is a little artsy. Although the concept of DIY interior design might be intimidating, it’s a tried-and-tested method to mould your interiors to your aesthetic without crippling your bank account. It’s also great, wholesome, creative fun. 

The first step in DIY is to accept that some things won’t go to plan no matter how much you plan. But you should still always prepare and experiment before you even come anywhere near your walls with a paintbrush. The second, and most important step, is to know that you can fix anything – and by fix, I mean adapt it until it looks bold, unique and stylish, even if it’s nothing like what you originally intended. 

Unless things have gone drastically wrong. In which case, you’re on your own. 

But don’t worry! These simple DIY wall decor ideas are a beautiful, risk-free way to spruce up your interiors. I promise you, these are fool-proof. 

Super Simple

Let’s start with some super simple, but super effective wall decor ideas you can easily recreate at home.

Bring Photographs to Life

In this day and age of digital media, we often take many pictures using our phones, but then they just sit there. I personally miss the chunky photo albums you could pour over with family and friends, the frames and the gallery walls. Bring your photos back into your decor using simple household objects! Dangle a piece of string from the ceiling and clip photographs along it, creating floor-to-ceiling art that strikes a personal chord. However you choose to display them, get your photos off your phone and into your home! 

Hang Up a Scarf! (Or some fabric, or a wallpaper sample)

Pick your most decorative scarf, and make it a piece of statement wall art! You could attach it directly to the wall with tacks, nails or velcro, but you could also frame it. The same goes for any particularly exciting fabric or wallpaper samples that you might have hanging around.

Statement Styrofoam

Choose your most statement-esque fabric, wrap it around a rectangular piece of styrofoam and staple it at the back to create a striking wall art panel.

Let There be (Fairy) Lights

Fairy lights are a super simple way to add atmosphere and whimsy to your walls. You could drape them across surfaces or walls, scrunch them into vases OR be uniquely creative and make constellation canvases! Poke holes through the cloth in a random constellation pattern, then push the bulbs from the strings through to create fabulous backlit art.

What time is it? Insta-time!

Print out your favourite photos in a ‘polaroid’ style and arrange them around a bare clock mechanism on the wall. If you don’t have a polaroid, you can get photos printed online or through some nifty apps. This wall art is a great ice-breaker and is sure to make you feel good no matter what time of the day it is! 

A window into the Past

For a real rustic vibe, varnish up an old wooden window and convert it into a picture frame.

Washi Tape

Washi tape is your best friend for creating bold, geometric wall art. Whether you’re applying it directly to the wall or on a canvas, it can be used to design evocative city skylines or landscapes, dramatic prints and epic geometric designs. If you can think it, you can washi tape it! This is a particularly great solution for renters, as the tape is easy to remove. 

Level Up

If you’ve graduated to slightly more involved DIY projects, these ones will be right up your alley!

Gold Leaf

Using nature’s artistry in your own projects is a great way to add depth and detail without driving yourself crazy. This simple idea just requires spray paint, a canvas and attractive leaves or branches. Paint the whole canvas in a base colour of your choice, superimpose the leaves in whatever pattern you desire and spray your topcoat on. Gold makes a great impact and looks super sophisticated. Peel off the leaves, and you’ve got a multilayered print! 

Fake Flower Wall

Real flower walls are fiddly, delicate, ephemeral things. Artificial flower walls are durable, gorgeous and oh, so easy. DIY your way to boho-chick with this quick tutorial

Deconstructed, Minimalist Flower Vase

These are just fancy ways of saying there’s not much going on here, but it looks impressive. Bring the outside in with this statement flower art and impress all your friends with your contemporary art skills! Next stop, the MOMA. 

Branching Out

Who doesn’t want more nature inside? This magical branch art headboard adds dimension, character and drama to any space. While it makes a great headboard, it could be used as a fabulous statement piece in any room! What a great excuse to go for a gentle stroll through the countryside. 

Poking Fun

If you’re a fan of the mid-century aesthetic, then these dramatic wall sculptures are for you. With just a few simple materials and a lot of fun, you too can own these striking, spiky statement pieces which are sure to catch the eye of the art connoisseurs in your life. 

She Sells Sea Shells On The- oh, you get the point. 

There are many beautiful things about living by the sea, and seashells rank high up on that list. Finding creative ways to display them is a great excuse to get out there and breath in the salty air. If you don’t live by the sea, then a DIY project is the perfect reason to book a holiday and bring some of the ocean back with you! This seashell wall hanging is beautiful and evocative, all the while being remarkably simple and straightforward.