How to Take the Marble Trend to the Next Level

January 10 2018

Over the years it has been pretty hard to miss that marble has dominated the interior decor trends. Making its debut centuries ago in the form of ancient sculptures, marble has stuck around the interior design scene as stylists continually fall for its unique elegance. Marble has well and truly proved that some things are best set in stone, and with the help of Luxe Walls wallpaper, we can take that iconic sleek look to the next level, without the extra hassle of installing it through a renovation.

Used widely in art, architecture and design, marble over the years in interior design has advanced from the confines of a classic bathroom to other elements of the home. Now being applied to kitchens, living rooms and any other space that you can think of, the possibilities of this quintessential material are endless. Regardless of wherever you put it, marble gives any space it resides in an undeniable characteristic elegance – now made easier with our marble feature wallpaper.

Thanks to its versatility, marble can easily be used in a wide range of spaces. Whether it is a public space, a hotel or even a private residence, marble features are almost everywhere and are hard to miss. Its next greatest asset is its unparalleled durability, being paired with its competitive easy maintenance. Conveniently rejecting the possibility of being stained from its hard and smooth surfaces, marble is one of the simplest decorative materials to clean. If you’re looking for durability, just by looking at historical ancient marble statues should be enough proof of how long this stylish statement stone lasts!

When it comes to using marble in your home, marble really is up there with one of the most effortless decorative elements. Giving any space that distinctive touch, its polished and sealed finishes focus on the material’s aesthetic high quality. Marble’s monochromatic style and limited colour palettes are majorly on-trend, the frequently coloured veins highlighting the natural essence of its tones.

Consistently adding an element of luxury, the material has a valuable and versatile quality for almost any kind of styling. This decorative element can easily find itself at home in a range of designs, from luxury interiors and modern settings, to natural materials such as copper, leather and wood. The best part about using this decorative element as a statement in your space however, is that you really don’t need to decorate much more if you have something like an entire wall dedicated to marble. Using our Luxe Walls’ wallpaper, you can take the extra work out of that decorative authority.

Used as a perfect statement or accent for so many spaces, nothing says high-end style as simply and effectively as this on-trend material. Marble has invoked notions of high end living for a seriously long time, speaking to fine taste and discernment seen even in world icons such as the Taj Mahal. With the help of our gallery of marble options on our Luxe Walls site, choosing and installing such a sophisticated accent to your space has never been easier. The only thing left to do is to choose which wall will work best!