Is Teal the New Millennial Pink?

December 20 2017

Here at Luxe Walls, we have noticed that Millennial Pink is everywhere. Often described as a faded shade of rose, Millennial Pink has almost entirely come from the dusty pink of the 80s, previously covering every wall and piece of furniture paired with a dusty blue. Although dusty blue didn’t quite make the same comeback as the pink, hints of the 80s are definitely influencing contemporary interiors.

Keeping this in mind, teal is now becoming its new follow-up, the same way Millennial Pink came roaring back. Its quirkiness yet sleek elegance is infiltrating the modern-day stylish colour palette, and here at Luxe Walls we want to show you how our wallpaper and this up and coming colour is perfect for any room.

Teal itself is a gentle mixture of blue and green. It can be mixed with white to make it lighter or with grey to make it darker. At its brightest it has a yellow undertone and is very close to turquoise, and at its most muted, it more closely resembles a green slate. With its wide range of gorgeous variations, teal can have an immersive ability using its deep tones, or can create a light airy ambience through its light hues, making it greatly versatile towards the atmosphere of your home.

The colour’s ambiguous placement between blue and green allows for multitudes of shades and tones, teal being able to achieve a wide range of environments. Whether you’re feeling a relaxing atmosphere or a mood of casual sophistication, teal can help you out on all fronts. Whatever mood you prefer, this cool contemplative colour is a classic that works with nearly any style. From eclectic to traditional, teal can be both punchy and loud or muted and settled, depending on what style your space needs.

Not only will all the tones of this adaptable colour make your life easier, there are heaps of other colours that you can easily use to compliment it with, helping to make your room pop.

Feeling like you want a regal touch? Use teal with elements of chocolate – both those rich colours will match up easily, often also seen with timber and wooden tones to set each other off into perfection.

If a modern twist is more your style, the perfect combo is definitely teal with mustard purple and gold – give your contemporary flair on the classic collection of green, purple and gold. If you’re feeling that those darker hues are too heavy for you, it really is too easy. White will effortlessly go with our new best friend teal. Also, a yellowish teal looks great with citrus tones. Orange, yellow and lime green all make perfect sense.

Along with this on-trend colour working with different moods, tones and loads of colour palettes, teal can be presented in a room in all sorts of innovative ways. Teal features give a perfect accent to a room that gives the space a lift, unlocking the potential of your room for that perfect finish. Elements of this cool contemplative colour can range from the statement of an entire wall with the help of Luxe Walls wallpaper, to smaller pieces of cushions and fabrics – it can even be as simple as scattering accessories!

If you’re thinking teal wallpaper is your best bet, the opportunities are endless. Presentations can range from block colours to a highlight on a wall, even to being a part of a culmination of patterns and colours. Whatever sort of arrangement of teal is right for you, our Luxe Walls gallery can provide you with countless options to choose from. The only thing left to do now is look around your space and imagine what teal could do for you!